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Points Problem

I made a purchase a couple days ago at a SiJCP.  It was three items totaling $87 (before tax).  I had 17 points in my account at the time.  At the register they told me I now had 104 and offered a 100 point perk.  I decided to save the points.  


I know it can take 24-48 hours to update.  Shortly after the purchase points were added to my account, but I have only received points for two of the three items.  The third item (Lorac I'm So Sensitive Primer) is NOT on the Sephora website.  It was full price in the store, and I even commented how I was surprised to see it in store since it isn't even on Sephora's website.  


It's been 48 hours since I purchased.  So I was just wondering whether the 32 points for the item will be added separately?  

Also with all the talk about the upcoming VIB Rouge, I wanted to make sure that the entire $87 would be credited to my spend total since that item doesn't show up on my purchases (which I assume is because they don't carry the item online and only available in my SiJCP).  


Any help to know if I will receive the 32 points and also the amount credited toward my spend total would be great.  Thank you in advance.  

Re: Points Problem

I have had the same problem with my estee lauder BB cream; its also no longer on the website. But will I be getting points for it? Smiley Sad

Re: Points Problem

Hi WaddupStephanie,


You should still be receiving your points for your purchase.  I can take a look at your account for you just in case.  I will send you a message shortly Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Points Problem

Hi Michmo I will send you a message to help Smiley Happy

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