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Points Expired COVID Opportunistic!

842 Points VAPORIZED!!! We did the right thing and stayed in during the pandemic. Guess what?  I don’t wear as much make up and hair products when I’ll home.  No I didn’t need to order. 

I was freaking shocked Sephora didn’t do the classy thing and freeze points until the worldwide tragedy passed.


That tells me all I need to know about how much Sephora values customers.  Zero.  They do however love our currency and face it.  Points cost them money.  

I will never set foot in another store, nor will I allow my spoiled nieces the same.  842 Points!!!! Gone!


Re: Points Expired COVID Opportunistic!

I totally agree with you. I was shocked when I logged back into my Sephora account and found out that I had ZERO points. I thought my account had been hacked or was speechless. Because I saved over 1000 points to redeem for something I really wanted. Like literally I didn’t redeem any points because I wanted to save them. Before the pandemic, Even the Sephora workers were shocked that I had so many points saved. I also

agree with you that Sephora should have freeze the expired terms and policy for inactivity during the pandemic. Because just like you, I didn’t wear makeup and since there was a shut down,

I didn’t use skincare and makeup as much. So I stopped shopping at Sephora. But I didn’t know that my points will expire. Had I known, if Sephora could of sent all of us an email reminder that if we

have inactivity and points, they recommend us to purchase something at lease online so our Accout will stay active to keep the points. I was so mad and embarrassed at myself quietly that all my years of shopping at Sephora being a Rouge member, that now I am back to ZERO points. That I missed out on so many points redemption or why Sephora would do a policy like that. They should have done something to appreciate thier customers for paying full price on their products just to get points. I would always shop at Sephora over any other retailers, just to accumulate points. I hope Sephora goes back into the pandemic and give back their loyal customers who saved points, and give us back our points or do something to apologize for the terms and policy that took away our points during the pandemic when no one was wearing makeup or shopping due to the stay at home orders. 

Re: Points Expired COVID Opportunistic!

Hi @Tweee,


I will send you a private message.


Best Wishes,



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