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Please help? Is there a way?

Is there a way to block the Sephora stores from looking my account up?  I have had several instances where my email address has been changed because someone with the same name makes a purchase, doesn't have the card but then is looked up my name. They see that we have a similar email and then proceed to change it because they may think it's an error.  I'm 65 points from becoming Rouge and would be totally sad if that other person had access to the info.  

Hi MsBeans,   While we dont have a way to block stores fr...

Hi MsBeans,


While we dont have a way to block stores from looking up your account, we can certainly add some indicators to distinguish your account to ensure that if someone has a similar name, they wont apply the purchase to your account Smiley Happy  I will send you a message to help!


xo, Mia

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