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Permanently Out of Stock

I have been reviewing past orders to provide reviews and finding a lot of items, albeit one color or an entire line is permanently out of stock. Is this a manufactures decision or a Sephora decision? I was most shocked to see Stila Lipcolor in Exquisite permanently out of stock. This was a popular line and color. Is there anything we can do to persuade Sephora or the manufacturer to change these decisions?

Hi Iheartsephora.  Sorry for the confusion!  We should be...

Hi Iheartsephora.  Sorry for the confusion!  We should be getting that shade back in soon.  You can sign up to receive an email notification here >  A lot of times I've seen it say permanently out of stock even though it is an item we will be restocking.  If there are any other items you'd like me to check for you, please let me know.

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