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My three orders have been cancelled  

In emails said that because you are unable to confirm payment information.

I don't know why, I use the same information as I ordered last time which is my first order with Sephora and already completed.

I only change the last name of shipping address, but all others information is the same. Why???

I tried to place some orders again, but cancel emails were arrived within 20 minutes after I placed orders again!

What should I do? I'm not located in us now.

And what about my money which already paid for all cancelled orders.

Please help me, I want my makeup T______________T

Thank you so much!

Re: Orders have been cancelled - UNABLE TO CONFIRM PAYMENT INFORMATION

Same thing happened to me yesterday with an order I placed. I tried to place the order again and that one cancelled too within an hour. The reason given was my shipping address was associated with other accounts and I could no longer use that address to ship. I gave them another address and my order got accepted.

I assume they have started to block package forwarder adresses recently because I had been using that address since March without any problems.

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