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Off-Topic Board Update

Hi BeautyTalkers! Happy Valentine's Day!


I posted this message in another thread but I wanted to post it here as well so everyone could see it.


BeautyTalk is a wonderful place to talk about beauty, get advice from brands, Pros, Beauty Advisors and each other, and to obsess over products. I also think it's a great place to be silly and get a respite from our day to day lives.


This is why we created the Off-Topic thread; we hoped people would make friends, and if they did, then in theory they would want to talk about something else other than beauty! That being said, I can see how with the redesign of the site, all of the off-topic threads on the homepage may seem a little overwhelming to a person who is just browsing for beauty advice.


So taking some advice our community members, we've removed the off-topic thread from the BeautyTalk homepage, so that those threads no longer show up in the feed. Please be advised that they are still there! All you need to do to see them is click on "The Lounge" category, or even bookmark that link for direct access. This was done to ensure that BeautyTalk is fun and helpful for everyone, and that we can accommodate the office party AND the frat party (because we do love both).


Thank you guys so much for continuing to participate in BT and make it a great community.


Your friendly Community Manager,



Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I think that's a fabulous idea! I thought it was miserable toggling through all the different options this morning. Very confusing.

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

What a perfectly wonderful idea! I believe you are a genius!



Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Such a cute little hamster pic, reminds me of one we had that I named Hamela! When we moved to a new home I accidentally left the top of her 'house' open one night, woke up around 2 -3am, went to check her and noticed she was Missing! We'd only been here about a week or so and there were tons of boxes everywhere, we obviously had no idea of any little 'spots' that she might hide in or travel through some little 'portal' to a place we might never find her. (i.e. my friends Ham got under the bottom of the kitchen sink cabinet, they had to break the bottom of the cabinet open to get it out)


This is where I should probably admit that she was my Sisters hamster and she was allowing her to stay in my bedroom because I was grieving the loss of a pet and waiting for a new one to come into my life, My sister had been being very mean and her 'kindness' surprised me a bit.


Hey!....wait a minute....I thought she was letting Hamela stay with me because I was feeling sad but now that I think about it, I think she may have left her with me because Hamelas insane scratching to come out All Night Long, drove my sister crazy! Geez! It only took me 14 years to figure that out!


Anyhow, woke my mom up and we searched quietly for about 3 hrs - thank God we Did find her. The whole time we were looking I was trying to figure out how in the world I could be put in Witness Protection immediately. She Would Have KILLED me if Hamela was lost forever. I was really dying inside until I saw that sweet little face & wiggly nose, she was in the middle of a Ton of boxes in a spare bedroom. She came right to me and I must say, she was probably as traumatized as I was. It's funny now, wasn't funny then!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I'm telling you, you have to start writing a book!!!! You have too many stories in your head!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Wait -- what's off topic?  I originally thought that all I would be missing out on were topics that were 100% devoted to llamas (which are great, don't get me wrong), and I was shocked to find a slew of topics that I would consider beauty-related in the off-topic area:  trade threads, palette threads, traveling boxes, threads about makeup samples, the list goes on and on!  Pre-segregation of off-topic threads, I don't think we thought as hard about the off-topic versus other designations for our posts, but now that the off-topic threads are harder to find, I am hoping that posters would only use that designation for super-off topic threads.  On that note, is there a way to change the designation of your own post?  Sorry for the rambling post -- I am just coming to realize I have to check two places to make sure I'm not missing out on my favorite beauty topics!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Good question, kariyava. I'd like to understand this better, too. 

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