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Off-Topic Board Update

Hi BeautyTalkers! Happy Valentine's Day!


I posted this message in another thread but I wanted to post it here as well so everyone could see it.


BeautyTalk is a wonderful place to talk about beauty, get advice from brands, Pros, Beauty Advisors and each other, and to obsess over products. I also think it's a great place to be silly and get a respite from our day to day lives.


This is why we created the Off-Topic thread; we hoped people would make friends, and if they did, then in theory they would want to talk about something else other than beauty! That being said, I can see how with the redesign of the site, all of the off-topic threads on the homepage may seem a little overwhelming to a person who is just browsing for beauty advice.


So taking some advice our community members, we've removed the off-topic thread from the BeautyTalk homepage, so that those threads no longer show up in the feed. Please be advised that they are still there! All you need to do to see them is click on "The Lounge" category, or even bookmark that link for direct access. This was done to ensure that BeautyTalk is fun and helpful for everyone, and that we can accommodate the office party AND the frat party (because we do love both).


Thank you guys so much for continuing to participate in BT and make it a great community.


Your friendly Community Manager,



Re: Off-Topic Board Update


Or should I say 'Words!'

Well written Joeanne, and if you don't mind, will you Please stop reading my mind?

Please and Thank You. Smiley Tongue


I've really never gone anywhere other then the main page, don't really look at the other 'categories'. It's a bit frustrating as now we may have to search for things that would've just popped up normally. I guess we'll have to do double duty now and check the main feed and the 'Lounge- Off Topic' thread - I get lost enough as it is just checking one section, having to flip back and forth will take time to adjust to and I think that we all may be missing out on things because we have to go back and forth. On the other hand, I do get the fact that if there are many threads that some believe are gunking up the works, that means you have to keep paging down to get more posts on the main page. I still think that is easier than going from one section to another. Maybe we need to retrain ourselves.....but I don't wannna. **sticks her tongue out and huffs like a whiny little baby**


I suppose we just have to give it some time, if after a while we feel it isn't working, then maybe it can be changed back. I just think that overall, we need to be more patient with others and as **Joeanne** said, if you don't like the topic of the thread, skip it. Just like if I was shopping in a Sephora store, I Know that I have issues with perfume, so I would simply avoid the perfume section and think nothing of it. I think we need to do the same thing here - just pass it by and try to let it go.


There is the issue of who decides what goes where? and how do we figure out exactly what the parameters are? I try to go with the flow with all of this stuff and try to remain upbeat about it all.....but, I'm unsure how successful this is going to be. Time will tell.


I should have just stopped at 'Word' - but you know me!


Re: Off-Topic Board Update

LOL great minds think alike!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

You said it, sister. Smiley Happy

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I would have preferred it if Sephora would have put the priority on fixing the issues on their site that hinder people from shopping (you know, spending actual $$$), rather than this, but whatever.  

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I totally agree.  The iPad and this site have many issues that could have been prioritized first. 

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

ITA. Also, the Canadian peeps have tons of problems, there are email problems, and let us not even get started on the Rouge program...   

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

ITA? I Totally Agree?

If so, then ITA with today's new avatar pic. Smiley Happy

Love it - I think you told me about your pup but my brain has taken the weekend off and I'm at a loss. Will you remind me?


Yes, I feel Really bad for our Canadian buddies (V) They really need some love.



Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Yes, sweetie, ITA - I Totally Agree Smiley Happy  Sorry for the confusion.

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I actually enjoy trying to figure those things out. Although, that might not necessarily be a good think. What if I thought it meant something else like..........................

I'm Totally Annoyed! That could be a bit problematic. Smiley Happy

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Thanks we love you too Smiley Wink

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I don't have an iPad but I'm sensing that that might actually be a good thing.


Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Yes, filters could have been your friend Sephora.


As it stands, we may decide to play elsewhere.  In doing so we could find awesome deals on other brand web sites, and share the links with our friends.


I used to be exclusive to Sephora, since the romance has lost the spark, I am cheating on him with Nordie. Smiley Wink

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I still think BT is a great place, and I do realize that Sephora does give us all quite a bit of leeway in what we discuss - after all, it is a Sephora board, but we very often discuss other websites and makeup sold elsewhere with no problems.  How often have we posted about great offers at Ulta or brand sites?


Would I love for there to be an Over 50 makeup category? You bet, but if it doesn't happen, I can live with that. And I see that many others don't agree with me. Do I think this new change to Off Topic threads is a good one? Not really, but I won't stop visiting BT because of it, nor will I stop buying from Sephora. I'll just adjust my BT viewing habits to include a visit to the Off Topic section, and that's that.


Filters may have been the way to go, and if Sephora decides to make that change, great! If not, I don't think it will be the end of BT. At least not for me!



Re: Off-Topic Board Update

I wasn't saying I would stop shopping at Sephora... I love some of the exclusive brands, and special things Sephora has.  I was simply saying that brand sites, and other venders also have deals, and I may take them up on their offers.  I guess until lately if I was going to get makeup online Sephora was my one stop shop, now I will give the other guys a chance.


I've always been a take my ball and go home kind of girl.

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

No, stick around and play! And trust me, while I love Sephora and it's usually my first stop online, I always try and get the very best deal, and if that means buying from Ulta, Nordstrom's or a brand site, I absolutely will!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update



Also, the over 50 section would be nice and I hope if that happens everyone enjoys it. Joeanne, since you know I'm only 29, I won't be visiting there any time soon, Smiley Wink Hope the Fifty & Fabulous set will love it. Smiley Happy

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Of course, my dear, you have many many years before you would need to wander into the over 50 section, except to visit and see what we Fab Fifty Foxes are up to. But do visit and say hello!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

You'll still keep coming back to us though, right?


If you decide to leave us we'll need to set up visitation rights for me and your fluffy puppy love.


"Just so ya' know!"

(Deborah - Everybody Loves Raymond - quoted by me, family and friends Far too often)

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

You know I love you girl.

image.jpgJust for you!!

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

You know my weakness....that dog is so dang cute. Thanks for the full size pic just for me.


I Love the way he lays with his back legs out, mr. frog legs, and his tail looks like it must be Gooorgeous.


We all know I'm head over heels about my Greyhound, but I gotta tell you, when I see a dog with longer hair it makes me crazy! If she's not around I go over and hug the heck out of a dog like your and nuzzle my face right into that glorious long & lush fur coat. Ooh! I love it! Don't tell my dog I said that....


What she Does know, may hurt me! Smiley Wink She's possessive. 

Re: Off-Topic Board Update

Maybe it could be changed so that anyone who clicks on "off topic" can see everything, including off topic, anyone who accesses through the regular link sees everything except off-topic?  Just a thought, and seems like a good possible compromise so that those of us who really wish to see everything still can.

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