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Oddity on BIC

So while posting this morning I noticed some people have been changed to Rookie I status although I know they've been around for a while and have leveled up. My example has @keana1 and @ather 


@TeamBIC is this a glitch?


Are other people seeing this or just me?

Re: Oddity on BIC

@keana1 just wanted to say yay for switching to a MacBook in the future Smiley Happy

Re: Oddity on BIC

Since it doesn't affect me, I just tried to tag Sephora in this post and let some people I saw they were changed back to Rookies. I haven't called customer service.

Re: Oddity on BIC

@ShortErica  Looks like I’ve been demoted



Re: Oddity on BIC

No! I'm sure they can fix this. Or I hope so @ather.


I just thought it was so strange. Especially when I now see that I got an email notification on a post from that indicated @PinkEvergreen is Go-Getter I


but when I go to it, she's a Rookie I


Re: Oddity on BIC




@eshoe  is also a rookie now 

Re: Oddity on BIC

LOL @ather - perfect timing cause I just replied to your other post below about it.

Re: Oddity on BIC

You are back to go getter III status, @ShortErica 

Re: Oddity on BIC

My status wasn't affected @l8totheparty. I just posted when I saw it impacted others I knew weren't Rookies.

Re: Oddity on BIC

@ShortErica  Must be a glitch! But whatever my rank we are all family and that’s all that counts!! 

Re: Oddity on BIC

@ather Agreed that the rank doesn't make a difference but it was just weird. @eshoe also appears to be a Rookie I which is crazy! I keep spotting more and more as I scroll through BIC.

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  • The conversation cloud ( the black circle ) wasn’t there yesterday so they did make some modifications!