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Not all sephora stores know how to treat their customers, disgusted with staff's bad attitude!!!!

Been a loyal sephora's customer for years! Always been an online shopper but occasionally would go into a store to see what's new. However, today's experience was a disaster. Never had such horrible customer service in my life. It is my first time ever going to this location and will be my last as it does not compare to the level of service we've received at other locations. None of the staff here smiles or greet, and I witness them giving bad attitude to customers who asked for samples. So people are only left with the choice of buying without even knowing if the product is a right fit since they been discouraged to try samples as none were given. Now if they bring back the product that don't work out after testing it at home, they get treated like a criminals there. Seeing it happened to few nice consumers are already bad enough , but when the cashier rube off the negative vibe onto me.....that is just totally unacceptable!!! We work very hard for our money and we give our money to retail businesses who deserves it, so please don't be respectful to poor customers who are still willing to give you business.  Remember without the loyal customers, your company will be out of business! Treat your customers with care and dignity! 

Re: Not all sephora stores know how to treat their customers, disgusted with staff's bad attitude!!!



@bb541    Yeah I have been hearing a lot of great feed back about ultra. They are definitely doing something right to keep the customers satisfied Smiley Happy I used to be a sephora lover but based on my last experience, I can no longer tolerate the nastiness from the staff that treats innocent customers like hell. May I also add, some don't really have a clue on how to work the register either. For example, I made a return on an item that was brand new, never been used as it is sealed. The cashier denied to refund my money and gave me a store credit instead because she didn't know how to process online return???? I gave her my packing slip but she failed to read it. She even had the cash supervisor assist her but they both still couldn't figure out how to do it correctly? Like are you kidding me? How do you expect me to come back and shop at the store again after that bad experience? I do everything online for a reason because my experience over on the Sephora dot com side has always been nothing less than amazing. Everybody on this side are always professional and friendly, I hope it stays this way Smiley Happy

Re: Not all sephora stores know how to treat their customers, disgusted with staff's bad attitude!!!

I'm happy to hear you found Sephora's that DO give good service.  I'm down to 1/4 in my area.  And, to be fair, the employees at this last one are awesome, but I went through some very nasty experiences to end up at the last straw.  And it is exactly as you said - extremely rude, no help, when I ask for assistance the young 20 something says something like "well I really like to use..."  Yeah?  Well good for YOUR 20 something skin!!  NO KNOWLEDGE except what the product says on the box.  Oh, and I said exactly what you said in a rant on another website - they made me feel like a criminal when I made a return from an online purchase. I'm following the lead of so many others...and have been shopping at Ulta.  I've been in there twice recently and could not believe how incredibly helpful the staff was, and how willing to go out of their way to check stock for me. For my birthday I recieved a full size mascara (CK One), $10 off any purchase of $10 or more (no restrictions) and because I spent over $30 on perfume, an additional (rolling) weekender duffle bag!  Further - they just emailed me about a 10x point day - it was just one day, but their point system equates to dollars off.  Not only that, but they always have TONS of gifts with purchases...some are little things some are bigger, but the best part is they are automatically added to your online shopping cart if your order qualifies, so if you have a coupon code or other code - you can use that too!  Ok I sound like I work for Ulta hahaha!  I don't. Smiley Happy  I'm just tired of being treated like crap when I've chosen to spend my money with them. That's shame on me...but they have themselves to blame if they can't retain customers in the long run.

Re: Not all sephora stores know how to treat their customers, disgusted with staff's bad attitude!!!

Hi goodlooks, I'm sorry to hear that! I am sending you a private message to help. 




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