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New ideas for insider points!

Earning points is addictive, saving them for products is even more so! But what about saving them for products we specifically want or for cash coupons to use for products we want. Wouldn't that be even better?

Re: New ideas for insider points!

I love the Free Shipping ideas!  I definitely would love more options to use my points.


I currently have over 1200 points.  I would gladly trade 500 or 1000 of them to get free shipping (no code required) on every order or at least on orders of $25.


I'm guessing that most people with a ton of points like myself accumulate them because we are addicts.  I haven't wanted a 500pt perk in forever because I always already have 2 or 3 of the products in the set.

Re: New ideas for insider points!

That's a neat idea. For someone who would benifit from that I would have to say it would be awesome. I do love getting the exclusive emails, but since I live in a state that doesnt have a Sephora I can't take advantage of free makeovers or other freebies I read about.

Re: New ideas for insider points!

That’s an amazing idea. I’ve turned the VIB  status over a few times annual as well. I’ve often inquired about the higher point level products as well, such as a 1000 point full size bonus or option to trade points for a discount coupon.

Re: New ideas for insider points!

I like the point program as it is. It gives me a chance to try something new or pick up a travel size of something I already like. Lol of course I always cash in my points before I get to 500.  I dont live near a Sephora so unless i come across one on vacation I order on line. The products I buy are ones i love and continue to buy, I dont shop to earn points, I just enjoy the perk of getting these little treats. I have discovered some awesome lip glosses I would never have tried and  the toofaced eyeshadow primmer has become my absolute fav and I would have never tried it except way back it was a 100 points perk. I'd love to see some minni sunscrean products offered, the small size would be great to throw in your purse or keep in the car and a nice way to try something new.

Smiley Happy

Re: New ideas for insider points!

I wish sometimes we could get all 12 samples on the board. Not just 3. Maybe we could redeem 100 points for all of the samples when we order, and not just the boring 3. Or VIB's should at least get to choose more than 3, we spend a lot of money and I like being able to get a reward for my dedication( to shopping at SEPHORA) A lot of times by the time we get emails for promotions they are already gone. This too needs to be fixed. I would like to see a 1000 pt reward. Something like a Benefit set, or a Sephora Favorites type collection with full size products. Thanks for the perks we already get.


Re: New ideas for insider points!

I think it would be cool if we beauty beauty insiders could get points for doing reviews. Reviews help me a lot when I'm shopping online so it would be good if we got rewards for doing something that helps sephora's customers.

Re: New ideas for insider points!

I think that Sephora should sample makeup, and  eye shawdows more to VIB's because there are so many VIB's wanting to try shades of the new foundations and eye shawdow colors that come out. That's something that we all would love and  for the majority would be good for sephora because they know if we love the sample products we're coming for the full size.

Re: New ideas for insider points!

I loved reading all of these ideas/suggestions!


While I like the idea of getting points for reviews + hearts, I know an issue with that would be people getting points based off of brief, unhelpful reviews, or hearts they got/gave from spam/off-topic type of posts. Though I suppose if the reward were  a small one (like a 10% off coupon for 100 hearts) it wouldn't be such a big deal. And maybe if points were received -- rather than for reviews, but for every helpful review vote? Someone who wrote one review but received 50 helpful votes is obviously contributing more than the person who left 50 different, but unhelpful reviews.


I was excited to see that Sephora's doing 5 free samples w/ any purchase (they're listening to us!! Smiley Very Happy ) but bummed that it's just for a little bit. I can't afford to do any shopping right now so I can't take advtange of that little deal. Smiley Sad It would be cool if the 5 sample offer became permanent, at least for VIBs!! I mean, we're clearly shopaholics. If given 5 samples, there's an 80% we'll end up buying the full size of at least one of those samples. Smiley Happy


The shipping comments.....SOOOO agree. I want to go to the Sephora headquarters and just run down the halls screaming "free shipping!!!!!!" lol  again, maybe just for VIBs. No coupon code! Or maybe if you could use redeem some of your points for free shipping? So in addition to a 100 and 500 pt level...maybe a 50 point level, which simply = free shipping on your order? That way you can still use a promotion code to get a discount or a deluxe sample.


Re: New ideas for insider points!

I just lost points :-( How did this happen?  I didn't return anything.  I was trying to buy something and when I removed some things I noticed that instead of the 221 points accumulated it said 163 :-( Why???  

Re: New ideas for insider points!

Well, if you are ordering on the website, they do like to add the points you would earn from that purchase to your points. Did your points go down by the value of what was in your cart?

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