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New Site Issues

I am currently experiencing a few issues with the new site.

First, my shopping list completely disappeared after a couple of days after the launch of the new site. Then, I was and still am unable to add anything new to my shopping list. I keep getting the message that my shopping list is empty, even after attempting to place something on the list.

Now, all of my BI points have vanished. I had 312 points earlier today, and none this evening.

I really hope that something can be done about all of these issues soon, and especially that my points are not lost forever. I've been saving them up for some time now.

Re: New Site Issues

@Sersee That's odd.  I'll send you a message to help.

Re: New Site Issues

I am also having the same problem with my points. I had over 300 points but now its down to 230. I spent 90 dollars at Sephora yesterday and the cashier informed me that I had about 360. I was like awesome they fixed it! But when I sign into my account, it still shows 230...    I hope I havent lost any! I am trying to rack up points. Any help?


Re: New Site Issues

@Tastymargarita I'll be happy to take a look and will send you a message with more information.

Re: New Site Issues

Hi Klaenna.  I noticed a bit of a lag time (3 days) on my last store purchase. I'll send you a message to get more information about your purchase.

Re: New Site Issues

I'm having the same issues with my shopping list.  It was working one minute (on the new site), and then *poof* it was gone.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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