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New Site Issues

I am currently experiencing a few issues with the new site.

First, my shopping list completely disappeared after a couple of days after the launch of the new site. Then, I was and still am unable to add anything new to my shopping list. I keep getting the message that my shopping list is empty, even after attempting to place something on the list.

Now, all of my BI points have vanished. I had 312 points earlier today, and none this evening.

I really hope that something can be done about all of these issues soon, and especially that my points are not lost forever. I've been saving them up for some time now.

Re: New Site Issues

Hi Tisha85. I'm so sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing! All the feedback helps, so we definitely appreciate you reporting it. Our Beauty Insider system was down for a bit last night.  It is back up and your points are back. For the shopping list issue, you might want to try switching browsers or clearing your cookies/cache.  I had the same issue and switching browsers fixed it. I will send you a message for more information about the issues. 

Re: New Site Issues

I am having trouble with the new site.  3 times I have filled my basket and tried to pay, but I can't get to that page.  I have tried deleting cookies, and have used three different browsers.  I have given up and will visit a department store instead of buying from Sephora.  I really wanted the samples.  Oh well.

Re: New Site Issues

Hi Ebess77. I'm so sorry to hear you're having issues placing an online order. I'll send you a message to help. Thanks for letting me know.





Re: New Site Issues

I also haven't been able to add to my shopping list since the site switch. I have switched browers, cleared cookies/cache, and logged out, refreshed etc. I hope that isn't the only solution to this problem because it does not work for my account. :/


Re: New Site Issues

Sorry to hear you're having the same issue nzh9. I'll send you a message as well.  Thanks for reporting it.



Re: New Site Issues

It seems like I'm not the only who can't seem to get the shopping list to work in the new site. I've tried using Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer, and I've removed all the cookies and the cache from my browsers, but it still isn't letting me add new items to my shopping list.

Re: New Site Issues

Uh oh I'm so sorry to hear that pygmym. I'll send you a private message right so that we can discuss this matter in further detail. Please respond when you can. Thanks!

Whimsically yours,

Re: New Site Issues

Recent instore purchases and associated points still aren't showing up after about five days, since the site update.  Usually it was a couple of hours...?

Re: New Site Issues



I purchased from on April 14th. When I first came on, my bank balance was 234.  I was checking out and my bank balance was up to 3 hundred something from my purchase. I was checking on my order status and my beauty bank balance is back to 234. I did not get credit for my most recent purchase.


I tried using the email customer support link but it took me to an oops page and stated the page is no longer there?


Thanks so much for the help!!!

Re: New Site Issues

@Sersee That's odd.  I'll send you a message to help.

Re: New Site Issues

I am also having the same problem with my points. I had over 300 points but now its down to 230. I spent 90 dollars at Sephora yesterday and the cashier informed me that I had about 360. I was like awesome they fixed it! But when I sign into my account, it still shows 230...    I hope I havent lost any! I am trying to rack up points. Any help?

Re: New Site Issues

@Tastymargarita I'll be happy to take a look and will send you a message with more information.

Re: New Site Issues

Hi Klaenna.  I noticed a bit of a lag time (3 days) on my last store purchase. I'll send you a message to get more information about your purchase.

Re: New Site Issues

I'm having the same issues with my shopping list.  It was working one minute (on the new site), and then *poof* it was gone.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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