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New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

We are very excited to share with you the new look and feel of BeautyTalk!


This community is for you and we value your feedback, so let us know any questions or comments in the thread below.  Please be patient as we are still ironing out a few kinks, but we want to hear it all!



Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

Hello!  What do the red balloons mean that mark some of my posts that are visible under my Heart Activity?  Most of the posts have blank balloons off to the Left side, but a few posts have the balloon colored in red.  

Thank you.

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

They indicate that a  comment you made received multiple commentary.  It's sorta a red flag to indicate that a conversation is taking or has taken place.

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

Hi, @heartsmyface,

Thank you for answering this! Smiley Happy

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

Hello, how do I add a beauty photo to a product I've purchased and want to share how it looks on me?  Some of my profile pictures needs to be rotated.



Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread




I have not been able to upload my photo for my avatar directly, and I was wondering if that was because there is now the expanded avatar gallery.


Now that I see that I do appear to be able to upload it here, did I miss a welcome thread where people are supposed to upload their new photos in that are not directly related to any other topic?


I apologize for any confusion and thank you for any assistance.

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

Another glitch. Sometimes posting images work and sometimes they don't, especially for edit posts. The "rich text" tab have the include picture icon, but when I switch to HTML tab (because attaching pic doesn't work so I just wrote the code in) and then switch back, the picture icon in "rich text" format disappears (every time, I tried on different posts).

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

how do i look at private messages i have received and reply to them? thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

I'm hoping you saw my post to helpSmiley Tongue

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

On the homepage by you number of hearts there is a little enevelope on the left right about start a conversation, just click on that. Smiley Happy

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

I wanted to give myself adjust to the new site, and my one main problem is one that beautytester has already stated. Responses to old post don't let new posts have time to be read and considered by the amount of people they used to. If the front page could be a combination of new and old that would be good. 


I understand the work thats gone into making the site fresh, and I'm sure once the bugs are worked out it'll be great. 


~We are all beautiful~

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

Hi ladies! We have been listening to your concerns and working hard on making some changes based on your feedback. We just updated BeautyTalk with some bug fixes and changes, so I wanted to let you guys know what's new (and fixed)!


Hearts are back! This was a bug, and it is now fixed. Now you can see the hearts you have been given on each of your posts. If you click on the number of hearts, you can see who those hearts were given by.


View all on profile page: The "view all" option on profile pages has returned. You can now see all of your recent activity and all of the messages you have given hearts to from your profile page.


List view: This is a new feature that we have introduced to give you more options on how you can view the threads in the community. This is more of a quick look page, where you can quickly browse the latest threads without the text preview. This list is also sorted by most recent thread, not most recent post, and it will show you what threads do not have answers. To see the list view, click on the bullet icon at the top right of the homepage (or category or board page) in between the list icon and the photo grid icon.

list view.jpg


Darker font: We realized (and heard you) that BT was a little hard to read, so we've darkened the font on all of the pages. Hopefully this helps.

- Bigger post box: We have enlarged the size of the post box so that it is now more comparable to the one on the old BeautyTalk. Now you can see more of your message when you are typing.


We really hope that these updates and fixes are helpful for everyone in our community, especially our most active users. Please know that we are taking all of your feedback into account, and even if things aren't updated immediately, changes take time and we are always working behind the scenes to make BeautyTalk a wonderful experience for everyone. There are more bug fixes and great updates to come in the new year that we hope you like!


Happy Holidays to everyone,


BeautyTalk Community Manager

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

Hi!  I agree that this new version is definitely less organized and harder to navigate.  Even if you kept the new blog-like format within the different sections of the site (the Lounge, Makeup, Bright Ideas etc), for the front cover page of Beauty Talk I think it would be much more helpful and organized to return to the old format.  I also miss the ability to view past posts that I've hearted-I often refer to those to keep track of posts that interest me and conversations I'm having.  Thanks for listening to our feedback!

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

This new format is really disappointing. It doesn't load properly on either Safari nor an up to date Firefox version for Macs (Camino). I am in complete agreement with all the problems Beautytester pointed out as well as the teensy size of the reply box and just the general difficulty of navigating about the site. You had a good working site before, I'd urge you to bring it back until you get all the bugs worked out of this one. It seems like we are the guinea pigs for this version which seems like it should be offered as a Beta for people who like it, and the rest of us can use the old version.

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

Ok, in addition to my long PM feedback. It would be helpful to separate view by posts/replies vs. view by threads.


The most recent posts includes most recent replies, too, so unanswered new question could be pushed down/out fast by a question with floods of answers. It will be harder to make sure everyone's question gets answered since they would be more difficult to find among responses to older posts.


And speaking of Hall of Famers, what happened to the list of most active user or whatever was on the right side before? And what about the Ask Expert section? are you not doing those?..mmm.....I'll add more as I think of them.


Thread details: you can't sign in from any page (unless you click the reply box). Not intuitive, please put it on the right side, I like it before where I can see my profile wherever I go along with if I got any new PMs.

Also, there's only page numbers on the bottom not top, so if I want to go to page 6 of a long thread I have to scroll all the way down.

As another hall of famer complained and I agree, there used to be a "see all" option for all threads you've posted in on your profile page, this one, please bring it back. Other changes we can deal with, but this and the front page are possibly deal breakers.

Re: New BeautyTalk Feedback Thread

I love it!!  Design is so chic! 

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