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Negative Points

I noticed I have negative VIB points today and I have not made any returns/exchanges recently. I did make a purchase about a week ago and was told that I had about 1000 points, so I redeemed a 100 point reward at that time. How did I all of a sudden get negative points between now and then since I didn't make any returns?

Re: Negative Points

Hi GBean28 I will be happy to take a look at your account and send you a message to help.

Re: Negative Points

This is happening to me too...Im really concerned and worried because I never made a return in Sephora. And ever since I started this membership, I probably bought $100s worth of products over time. Please help if you've got a solution!

Re: Negative Points

@ChelsieJess - I reponded to your other post & sent you a message to help.  Please take a look when you have a moment.  Thanks!

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