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My orders were cancelled due to violation?!?!?! WTH?!

I've just placed 3 orders and minutes later I got an email saying my orders were cancelled.  I called the sephora customer service number and was told I violated some terms? I was told because I've used the promo code too much? I order from you guys all the time to try out new things and each time I put in the promo code I've received in my emails.  If I used it to much then why are you keep sending me email with different promo code?  Also if it's a promo code I've used then it would tell me I couldn't use that particular code since I've already use it.  You guys send out numerous emails to promo your products and you use promo code to attract customer and there business.  So why couldn't I use it?  Why am I being treated like I did something wrong when I'm the consumer who are spending my hard earning money? This is very upsetting and highly insulting.  Maybe I will bring my business elsewhere! From what I've read in this forum sephora are losing more and more VIB rouge member due to this insulting act of customer service. I think it's time you guys do something about this to fix this on going problem your company have. 

Re: My orders were cancelled due to violation?!?!?! WTH?!

Would love to hear the end result to your situation...even though it appears it has gone offline.  Thanks!

Re: My orders were cancelled due to violation?!?!?! WTH?!

Hi candybaby,


I'll send you a message now with more information!

<3 Melissa
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