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My Order Was Charged Twice

Okay, so I just placed an order for some stuff and when I checked my bank account online, I saw that Sephora charged me twice! Is there a way to fix this or get a refund back for the second charge or something?

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Re: My Order Was Charged Twice

They just charged me twice for the same order...IS this something that always happens? I'm gonna give them a call tomorrow and they better refund me or I'm never buying anything from here again lol

Re: My Order Was Charged Twice

how long does it take Sephora to clear so you can get your money back from the double charge


Re: My Order Was Charged Twice

Hi Chellyp91,


It can take up to 5-10 business days to see a pending authorization fall off your account and it will depend on your financial institution! 

<3 Melissa

Re: My Order Was Charged Twice

This just happened to me for the second time. I have 2 pending charges for the order I just placed. I know in the end only 1 is going to clear, but last order that took almost a week! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? That's almost $60 of my own money I can not touch until everything clears up.

Re: My Order Was Charged Twice

Same thing just happened to me. HOW ******* LOVELY. I can't wait for 6am PST. 

Re: My Order Was Charged Twice

@sizzlecat I sent you a message to help.

Re: My Order Was Charged Twice

Hi Aznlubsyew-


I'll send you a message right now to help out!

<3 Melissa
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