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Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

Good Morning Beautiful Ladies! I'm looking for a good body butter or body lotion to help get my legs super hydrated.  I"m 37 and am having a psoriasis outbreak on my legs (never had it on my legs before) and my Dr. wants me to go on a chemotherapy like drug to help elivate the symtoms. I do not want to do this at this time, I do not feel it's that bad to go on this drug that could potentially make me feel bad. I want to try a more natural approach on my own first. I have done some research online but am also hoping that you ladies can offer me some advise on maybe something that has worked for you personally or something that may be worth giving it a try that I haven't heard about. Thank you in advance.

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

My moms two favorite lotions/butters are Moroccan Argan Oil and the Body Shop Shea Body Butter. They both are super hydrating, not to mention that they smell good Smiley Happy. Hope you find something that works!

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

Try looking into CeraVe's SA Renewing Body Lotion. It's designed for dry, rough, and textured skin and contains salicylic acid (which has been approved by the FDA for over the counter psoriasis treatment) to gently and effectively slough off dead skin and even texture. The gradual, time-release delivery system of active ingredients including ceramides and hyaluronic acid allow for skin to absorb and bind to it moisture drawn from the atmosphere and help restore and replenish moisture and lipid balance. The lotion also contains vitamin D, which helps binds peptides which combat inflammation that is associated with psoriasis.


You could also add oatmeal into your bath or a soak for your legs which will help sooth inflammation, irritation, and make the removal of dry skin easier. Avoid using hot water which can shock skin and psoriasis, causing skin to dehydrate quicker once exposed out of the water. Aveeno is a line fortified with oatmeal, they make a range of body and bath products to look into.

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

I'll definitely give this a try. I've seen a lot regarding psoriasis and vitamin D lately.

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

Yeah, there's quite a bit that can be used to tackle different aspects of psoriasis. All the mentions of organic oils work by binding essential fatty acids to skin to keep them moisturized. Vitamin A helps with cell turnover, vitamin D for the reasoning in my first post, oatmeal for anti-inflammatory factors.


The reason why I like CeraVe is because it has moisture imparting and binding ingredients (ceramides and hyaluronic acid) without being heavy or too thick and it tackles texture and irritation of skin with psoriasis with the salicylic acid (which will help balance out skin's cellular production level while helping break down excess built up skin and uses vitamin D to calm and soothe.

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

My husband has psoriasis.  He does not use chemo type drugs and I can understand your concern and wanting to try some other options first.  He uses a steroid cream and some other type of cream, can't remember the name or type.  The steroid is used sparingly and not as frequent as the other since it can thin the skin.  His psoriasis improves greatly during the summer months when he is exposed to sunlight.  In the winter it acts up a bit more as we live in Illinois and he is not out in the sun.  I am not promoting going in the sun as treatment.  He is a professional soccer coach so he is always outdoors and he wears SPF 50, but even with sun tan lotion, it still helps.  I think it is the vitamin D and the second cream he uses might just be a derivative of vitamin D.  He has never tried taking vitamin D orally, but I always wondered if that would help.  He uses regular every day lotion, whatever I bring home.  Usually something more light weight without much fragrance such as Vaseline or Nivea.  Eucerin also make a variety of lotions for different concerns.  Was the dr. you saw a dermatologist? 

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

We've been having good luck in my family (eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis) with First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair cream.  It has collodial oatmeal in it which is a natural treatment for pretty much anything that itches and it's very moisturizing.  

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

I was actually looking at this the other day. I will add it to my next order and give it a try!

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

This was going to be my recommendation. I've got eczema, and not only do I like the Ultra Repair Cream, but I LOVE the Ultra Repair Concentrate for really bad spots.  It's the only thing other than my steroid cream which can calm it down, and frankly I think it does just as good a job. I get dry flaky spots and it's wonderful.  It's a thick, almost crumbly paste that when warmed in your hands turns into a thicker lotion. 


If you're willing to take a shot on this stuff (remember Sephora has a great return policy), try the combo set here:


(I don't know where they get the $84 value since the two separately would cost you $67 if I'm adding properly, but it's still a good savings.)


The little jar lasts me about a year.  A little bit goes a really long way.

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

My dad and my sister both have quite difficult psoriasis, and my brother had serious dry skin issues on Accutane and his dermatologist was blown away when he showed him the cream that has become a huge hit with all of them. It's called Glaxal Base, my mom is a nurse in an oncology ward and it's what they use there for patients, especially when skin is seriously dry and/or sensitive. I think it's a lot more well known in Canada than the US, but I'd definitely try it out if you can get your hands on some. It's not crazy pricey either. Smiley Happy

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