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Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

Good Morning Beautiful Ladies! I'm looking for a good body butter or body lotion to help get my legs super hydrated.  I"m 37 and am having a psoriasis outbreak on my legs (never had it on my legs before) and my Dr. wants me to go on a chemotherapy like drug to help elivate the symtoms. I do not want to do this at this time, I do not feel it's that bad to go on this drug that could potentially make me feel bad. I want to try a more natural approach on my own first. I have done some research online but am also hoping that you ladies can offer me some advise on maybe something that has worked for you personally or something that may be worth giving it a try that I haven't heard about. Thank you in advance.

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

The two dermatologists that I have seen will not prescribe light therapy until I take the oral medication first. So since I refuse to take the oral I can not get a prescription to buy an at home light. I'm going to start tanning next week. I hate to sound so negative about this but it's so frustrating. 

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

wow, i always thought that light therapy was what you tried before chemo. perhaps try a 3rd derm?

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

It has something to do with insurance coverage ghkim. And I have contacted supply stores directly to see if I could just buy one without insurance/prescription and I've been told no by all of them Smiley Sad

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

aveeno makes a baby eczema body lotion that worked reasonably well for my husband's eczema (it was severe - he had uv therapy and everything and that did not work). i'm not sure if psoriasis is a totally different animal though. sorry you are going through this Smiley Sad

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

Thank you ghkim! 

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

Another vote for First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.  I gave my mother-in-law the Ultra Repair Head-to-Toe Hydration Kit about a month ago.  She has called me three separate times to tell me that she liked everything in it, and the last two times were to rave about the Ultra Repair Cream specifically. 


They have tubes of it, if you don't want to buy a whole bunch and find out it doesn't work for you.  Then, if you like it, go register on the FAB website.  They sent me a 40% off code.  You could get the biggest jar with that.   


I hope you find something that gives you some relief! 

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

FAB did work on a spot on my face. Another place I've never had it lol. But it hasn't helped on my legs. The area I'm having the most trouble with is the back of my thighs. It's hard to get things to stay soaked in since its an area that gets a lot of friction with jeans, sitting etc.

Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

My father has psoriasis (the worst of it is on his legs) and I feel like we've purchased so many products trying to relieve it. Here is what has worked for him:


1. Vaseline...but I did not like him slathering petroleum all over his legs, so I bought...

2. Josie Maran's argan infinity creamy oil. Worked well, but expensive in the long run because he reapplied it so often...

3. Extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil. Scooped right out of the jar, onto his legs. It's the only thing that keeps the flakes and itch away for him for hours at a time. It doesn't take away the redness, but makes him look 1000% better. He keeps a jar of it by his recliner and by bed. I like to think of it as my little natural victory...we didn't like the idea of the steroid creams the derm prescribed (which didn't work anyway).


He'd also recommend trying to spend as much time in the sun (safely, of course, use physical sunscreen) as you can with your legs exposed. It's his "budget" form of UV therapy. His psoriasis always lessens in the summer when he's outside working in the yard.


Re: Moisturizing Body Butter or Lotion for Psoriasis

Thank you! I'm a huge fan of coconut oil. I've been using that religiously and like you said, it does not take the redness out. The only thing I have done differently this year than the other years was not being in the sun hardly at all.  I would hate to think that not doing that lead to this problem being worse.  If it's not one thing it's another Smiley Wink Thank you for sharing what works for him. Gives me hope I'll find something myself besides medication!

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