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Mistakenly sent to the wrong addressI

I ordered something for my friend and then mistakenly still used her address when ordering the next order for myself. The package's scheduled to be delivered Jan 2nd. Can you please help me reroute the package?

Re: Mistakenly sent to the wrong addressI

Sephora ships via UPS. The only way you can reroute a package is by signing up for their paid "My UPS" service. We can't post links so you'll have to google for it.


A cheaper alternative is to just have your friend ship the item to you. I assume it's US to US so it'll mostly likely be $5-$10. She can even print the label right at home using paypal. You can find out the weight of the package by clicking in the UPS tracking link so you won't need to weigh it either,

Re: Mistakenly sent to the wrong addressI

Hi Axya,

I'll send you a message to help.

Smiley Happy -Laura

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