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Missing Purchase and Points!

I got a Beauty Insider Card in June when I made my 1st Sephora purchase (Sephora in JCP).  About a month or two later I finally created an account online.  Was there a time limit for the purchase and points to "transfer?"  Ever since I created the online account nothing has showed up and I've been too busy to stop in and ask about it.  I no longer have the receipt, but I purchased the Sephora Favorites Frangrance Sampler ($22 - $37 value) and an additional free fragrance with coupon.  My friend made a similar purchase (same sampler, different additional fragrance) and her purchase and points are showing for her.  Did I do something wrong?!

Re: Missing Purchase and Points!

Hi Katfaceklm,


Your Beauty Insider Card and email address are not linked together, which would explain why you are not seeing the full amount of points! I'll send you a message now to help.

<3 Melissa

Re: Missing Purchase and Points!

I am having the same issue, can you please tell me how I can add my points/purchases to my account.  I have all of the receipts.

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