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Love the new BeautyTalk!!!!

Great job Sephora- I've already wasted an hour this morning getting lost in the new BeautyTalk!  I'm addicted!

Re: Love the new BeautyTalk!!!!

I think it looks more chic, but the skinnier grey font makes things harder for my bad eye sight.


Also I think the most recent posts includs replies, too, so unanswered new question could be pushed down/out fast by a question with floods of answers. I like making sure everyone gets answers, but think this will make it harder.

Re: Love the new BeautyTalk!!!!

I'm actually quite enjoying it, too! Usually when Facebook or Youtube "redecorates" everyone complains, but once we all get used to this, I think it's gonna be great.

Re: Love the new BeautyTalk!!!!

Thanks Sephora!! Love the changs so far...BeautyTalk is becoming even more addictive! Smiley Happy

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