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Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

My package was "delivered". But I never received it. I checked around my house and the security footage. Sephora said they will not refund me nor replace my package. It was worth about $800. I am extremely disappointed and upset with Sephora. I am a fan of Sephora and have been shopping at Sephora for a long time. My entire family shops here. She made it sound like it was my fault and that I stole the package. She said there were multiple incidents at my address which I recently moved to last year. It was only one incident in November 2020. My package was also not delivered then. Sephora helped me then and I was grateful. They never mentioned it was a once-in-a-lifetime help. Had I known I would have had the package shipped to a store for pick up. Moreover, what does she mean "given that this level of discrepancy in your shopping history is extremely uncommon"? The email is upsetting and accusing. 

**edit: I’m adding the screenshot of the carrier to review the inaccurate delivery information **


**edit: More information about the delivery. Loading package at 10:39 AM. Out for delivery at 10:40 AM. Delivered at the front door at 10:41 AM. All of these were done under the span of 2 minutes. There is no nearby Laser facility to do that near my house. **






Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

I've just experienced the same thing. I placed a large order on behalf of myself and my family because we have some recent college grads (woohoo!) but the package never arrived. UPS marked it as delivered and the I'm assuming did not ask for a signature. My mother was home all day but did not hear our doorbell or even a knock when the package was reportedly delivered. I reached out a few days ago to support and they said they would have to conduct an investigation before being able to issue a refund and that I would hear back soon; however, it's been radio silence and I've become anxious because it was an expensive order and the graduation celebration is fast approaching. I asked for a refund in the hopes that the process would be quicker and that I'd be able to buy the items in-person rather than go through the risk and time of having the same order delivered again, but it seems like I may be looked at as a criminal rather than a disappointed customer.

After looking at all the horror stories on these threads I'm extremely nervous that I will experience something similar to what you have. I don't believe I've ever returned anything to Sephora and this is the first time I've ever experienced issues with deliveries to my address-- It seems like this might not matter though! Thank you for posting about your experiences, it's so important that others know what could happen to them. Perhaps buying straight from brands themselves would be safer!!

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Hi @jahngmi


I'm so sorry to hear about this! I am sending you a PM.



Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

You’re not alone. This is the second time I’ve got a package get “lost” while it says delivered. I have a PO Box that’s very secure so there’s no chance anyone stole it. Luckily they did hipped my order this time but fishy if you ask me. I don’t order that often so it’s like 2 out 5 times I’ve ordered the order got lost and I missed my chance on the insider deals I chose during reshipment. Surprisingly unreliable company. Will be straying away 

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

The EXACT same thing happened to me. Can you send me a DM and let me know if the issue was solved?


Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Hi @KatGeo2018,


I'm sorry to hear this! I'll send you a message shortly.


Warm regards,


Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

I'm back to say - that lasership lost my package and was disappointed with Sephora's response AGAIN. While we were going through this whole process with Sephora (from my previous post), I re-ordered my items because I was worried that I may miss out on the sale. I actually NEEDED the items, so I re-ordered with them. I re-ordered everything that i can because some items were already sold out. I had no idea that Sephora was not going to help me further for all online orders that were not my fault. I can't help but feeling that someone from Lasership is responsible for the missing packages. Three packages missing already and the incidents are not that far a part. 


I've called Sephora and talked to a really nice representative, who sympathized with me. However, she could not help me because Sephora marked that they cannot help me further due to the number of times this has happened with my address. But none of those were my fault and there's prove..... Lasership has been the issue. I also see that lasership is an issue for many people in this community. I even spoke to a supervisor and they said they cannot help me further due to the number of times this has happened with my address. AGAIN, why aren't there signatures required for packages this expensive.


After what had happened last time, I called lasership and told them to leave my package at their facility. I will come pick it up. After a whole week of waiting, I had called them back and asked them where my package was. They said they will open an internal investigation and then the next day - i checked the website again for status and it "delivered" to my door. It was never loaded on a truck, or claimed to be out for deliver. See below screenshot. 


Once again, i've lost over $500 worth of products. 


I have been a loyal sephora member. I don't even shop at Ultra or any other beauty stores. I've also kept my rouge status every year just because I only shop at sephora. I can't believe for such a huge company Sephora is, they would allow this to happen again and again. 


Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 11.02.15 AM.png

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Exact the same issue happened to me with the exact same Lasership facility. My order included 3 Natasha Denona palettes worth around $380. Package got stuck at the Maspeth NY facility for 3 days and magically got delivered witinin a minute of being out for delivery after I contacted Lasership and was told they would investigate. Such a horrible company and they obviously protect thieves/avoid responsibility by showing packages as delivered. Sephora also told me they wouldn't refund/reship because my account is associated with a package forwarder. I shipped to a package forwarder in the past but the address I shipped this order was a residential address. I pointed that out and got refunded but they told me they would no longer provide me a refund in case of lost packages.


I reordered the palettes and paid extra for USPS Priority. It was a bit slow (took 4 days) but got my package without issues. I asked them if there is any way to avoid Lasership in the future but appearently they will automatically pick Lasership for packages being shipped to New York with free shipping option. So it seems I will always have to pay extra to have my packages shipped by USPS to ensure my package is not stolen. 


They definitely should stop working with Lasership or they will receive more complaints like this.











Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response



Thank you for sharing this. I wasn't aware of this. The shipping option is always automatic. I never thought to click the drop down menu for that. I am still considering what to do in terms of ordering from Sephora.


Should I just shop in store? But it is inconvenient due to no nearby stores and the pandemic.


Should I order from the original company sites? I can list a whole bunch a reason why not and those are the reasons I love Sephora.


  • Variety: They have a huge selection of products.
  • Convenient: I can order different brands under one order. 
  • Return Policy for unopened and opened package: I return products that causes me to have hives or breakout. By the way, I know a lot of people abuses this. But let me state this: I spend more than I return. I only return if I am dissatisfy with the product or if I found a better price for unopened package.
  • Points
  • Trust was the biggest reason. Trust for Sephora to always provide good quality products. Trust that Sephora has their loyal customers back.


But can all the above reasons outweigh the risk of me loosing $500-$1000 for each package? I thought nothing can go wrong if I ordered to have it pick up at a Lasership facility. How naive was I?


The thing I am confuse about is this: The shipping company loses the package. They push the responsibility to the seller (in this case, Sephora). The seller (Sephora) pushes the responsibility to the consumer (me) who is not at fault. Doesn't Sephora have some sort of insurance with their shipping company? Shouldn't the shipping company be responsible for any package lost? I understand there are scammers out there and Sephora has these policies in place to protect themselves from them. 


But if the consumers can really prove that they never received the package and the shipping company is at fault (they apologized and admit it), why is Sephora punishing their loyal customers? Today the representative stated they will no longer help me because they have already done so in the past. But if the past incidents are clearly not my fault, why is Sephora not helping further? Am I being unreasonable? 


Thank you again for letting me know this option. But Sephora said they are not helping me anymore. If USPS looses my package, the cost of the package would be on me. I don't think I want to take that risk anymore. 

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Hi @canss,


I'm sorry for the trouble with your order and thank you for sharing this feedback with us! If you still need further assistance, please send me a private message with details. Please note that the screenshot was removed for security purposes as it contained your tracking number. You are welcome to post screenshots but please ensure information such as order numbers and tracking numbers are not showing.


Warm regards,

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Hi @ireneewongg,


I'm sorry to hear you haven't received your recent order! If you'd like to discuss this further, please contact us via phone at 1-877-737-4672. Thank you and I'm sorry for your order experiences.



Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Hi, I've already contacted you guys prior to this post. your team has already advised that there is nothing further they can do for my order seeing that there has been a few issues within this address. 

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Hi @ireneewongg,


I'm going to send you a PM.




Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

@ireneewongg I'm sorry to hear about your experience! For further assistance with this, please give us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672.)

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Thank you. I called and I am still upset. 


The representative basically told me the same thing from the email. Laser ship said it was delivered. We helped you once already. I went in circles with her. I contacted laser ship yesterday and they agree that there's something wrong with the tracking information and apologized for it. I have surveillance proof to prove Laser Ship's tracking is inaccurate. Clearly, the tracking information cannot be trusted. The loading of the package, out for delivery, and the package was delivered were done under the span of 2 minutes. It doesn't make sense. How could you turn your back on your valued, loyal, victim customers Sephora? I have never been treated this way before by any company. I am extremely saddened, angered, and disappointed by Sephora.


She said there was a "fraud theme" in my case. Her exact words. It left me feeling like Sephora is framing me as a fraud. It's already upsetting from the accusing email. One incident in November equates to multiple issues. Clearly, there is something wrong with Laser Ship. I am not the only customer who has faced this. 


And there were many more that were said. Finally, she filed another form with the claims I made after I said I want to speak with a supervisor. Now I am just waiting to see if I have to pay $800 for a service I never received and according to Sephora, it would be my fault.


So basically, Sephora has a policy that customers are at risk if they choose to do online shopping? With or without the ban from doing online shopping, as a customer, I do not trust Sephora to deliver the service that I pay for. I question Sephora's values.


By the way, how come Sephora doesn't required customers to sign for packages that are extremely expensive? 


Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Victim ?

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

They did the same to me, they did not take any responsibility on this and it’s all customer’s fault. 

sephora is scamming us 😞 

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Exactly. That's how I feel. Sephora is such a big company. Their response is absolutely disappointing. The fact that they refuse me from doing online shopping from an error that is clearly not mine is extremely upsetting. I have security footage as proof that it never got delivered.  I have never been disrespected like that by any company. Since I am not the only customer who has experienced this, it is clear that Sephora really does not value its loyal customers. 

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

Yes! I was so upsetting how they responded me through email and refused to help. Their customer service is way too bad. It’s not just only us having this issue from Sephora but they said through email to me is “it’s extremely uncommon” - I do not know how it looks common to them.

Also, there still not really safe to go around and shop in store due to pandemic and they banned you to shop online. I really don’t understand what they think.


It’s really a scam to customers. Because of a lot of customers experiencing this scam, I think we just should do the report fraud to FTC as they have robbed money from customers from 2018 to 2021 by playing their  “lost delivered package” game! 

No hope for waiting them to help us, so I suggest you can try to tell the bank that’s they scamming and the packages never come to get money back. I think this is the only option we have left!!!


Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

I agree. I got off the phone call with a representative. She basically repeats the email back to me. I went in a circle with her. She said Sephora contacted Laser Ship. Laser ship said it was delivered. So Sephora cannot help me. I kept pointing out to her that the tracking information doesn't make sense. It cannot be trusted. How can loading the package, delivering the package be done under the span of 2 minutes? There is no close by Laser Ship facility near my house that could that. She said sometimes there is a delay in the system regarding when the package was loaded and when it was out for deleivery. Okay. Fine. But how do you explain my security footage of no one coming by to deliver packages? All she did was mmm-hmm okay okay. Laser Ship said it was delivered. And the circle continued. 


Moreover, I contacted Laser Ship. The representative apologized and agreed with me.


I could not take it. I said I want to speak to a manager. All we did was file another form.


Honestly, I'm just really upset with Sephora. I have never experienced such disrespect before. I have been shopping with Sephora for such a long time. Are they saying I am a fraud? There was one incident in November 2020 where my package was also not delivered. This time make it the second one. Both times are not my fault. What do they mean by "multiple issues" with me?


I'm not sure telling the bank will help. I trust Sephora so much. I am using a Sephora credit card. How do dispute with Sephora's credit card when I have an issue with Sephora herself?

Re: Lost package and completely disappointed with Sephora response

I'm dealing with the same crap right now. I'm on hold waiting for a manger right now. I got the almost the same email.  Did they help you at all? The agent I just talked to said to contact my bank. 


Dear Kacie,

Thank you for your inquiry reporting issues with your [order(s) or item(s)].  It is important to us that you can receive your deliveries successfully as we know how exciting it is to receive our great products. 

Considering you have had multiple issues at this address, and we have assisted you in the recent past with multiple replacements or refunds, we are not able to assist with a replacement or refund for this order.

We welcome you to continue shopping with us, but if you place orders for delivery to this or other addresses, please note that this will be at your own risk until we have determined that you are reporting an acceptable pattern of order issues.

We will not offer a replacement, refund or accommodation for any potential order issues until this point. If you receive a damaged item, please send it back to us and we will process a refund once it’s received at our distribution center.

We appreciate your understanding.


When is it acceptable for them to stop helping customers? What is the right number of reports? I've gotten no answers from the reps I've spoken to. They don't know and say is is up to a different team that has no way to contact them.

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