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Lost/Stolen Package

I ordered so many things from sephora after they announced their summer sale! every package I have received has been delivered without any problems until the last order. I don't understand why but UPS keeps telling me they delivered it to my front door. I checked my leasing office. I checked the other apartment complex. I checked with my neighbors and I cannot find it anywhere. I called UPS first and they informed me to call Sephora and have Sephora call UPS. why UPS cant do this....i dont know. I call Sephora, and they called UPS and they apparently said that sometimes they said stuff is delivered on their trackers when it hasnt been delivered what??? and then UPS calls me to ask where the package is and I'm like well you tell me! its not here! then inform me to call Sephora again! like what is going on! I just want my package!

Re: Lost/Stolen Package

Hi @daywalkerrr,


I am sorry to hear about your order! I am going to send you a message shortly. Thank you for your patience throughout this process it is greatly appreciated.

<3 Melissa
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