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Post in Customer Support

Lied to by customer service

I just spoke to customer service an hour ago about an order I placed 3 days ago that has not shipped yet, despite upgrading to expedited shipping.  The rep I spoke with was unable to give any concrete information about my order at all, just that "It should be there by Christmas".  I asked to speak to a manager, was placed on hole only to be told when she came back that the manager was not available.  I told her I wanted to speak to a manager.  She took my phone number and assured I would be called back.  I actually asked if this was going to happen and would it be tonight.  Well, it's now after closing time and guess what?  No phone call.


This is the most disgusting example of customer treatment I have ever experienced (I won't call it service, because it clearly is NOT), and I do a LOT of shopping, especially in Sephora.  I have spent many thousands to dollars there and to be treated like this is infuriating and incredibley insulting.  In this economy, who does this?  I am so angry I can't even articulate it.


I challenge this company to provide better service than this.  Shame on you Sephora!!!

Wow what a frustrating experience.  I have to say that I...

Wow what a frustrating experience.  I have to say that I placed an order on I think Monday and was shocked when the package arrived on Wednesday.  I always get my stuff from Sephora really quickly, but I figured with the holidays it might take longer.  It could be because I'm on the east coast.

Re: Wow what a frustrating experience.  I have to say that I...

Thanks. I too am on the East Coast and have never had a problem before either. It's not the status of the order so much, but the way I was lied to and dismissed by the rep. Who does that to a customer? Shocking.

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience here - I ha...

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience here - I have never had any issue with any online order and have only had to speak to the VIB line once and it was straightforward (phone number for a local store).  Now I have had a couple of "issues" while shopping in person (one is still simmering while I decide if/how to address it with management - I went back to the store and made a purchase earlier this week to see if this one girl was working - sadly she wasn't and I'm still trying to thoughtfully decide on what to do and I felt like maybe another interaction with her would let me know if she is routinely bad or just had a bad day) and frankly PREFER to shop online. While most are genuinely helpful and want to help you with your concerns - I have "overheard" a bit of a conversation by "cast members" that was a bit too contempt filled for my taste and I've had another be very condescending towards me. I don't understand that mindset - if you work retail you have to always be aware that it is only because of customers you have a job - no customers = no job. And most delightfully, no one has ever scolded me here (vs. In the store) while shopping online!  And I, too, have spent several thousand of dollars yearly at Sephora (not that that should matter - treat everyone like they are valuable, cause everyone is!). 


I usually get my items really fast - however, I have noticed that times vary in the "warehouse".  Often they are shipped within 24 hours and other times it has taken several days. One order I had placed on a mid-Thursday and it did not leave the warehouse till the next Tuesday according to the online "status" info. I'm not sure if this is the problem you encountered - but, did you consider the possibility that the issue might take some investigation to be able to give you an accurate answer to your issue? Sure, that doesn't excuse not calling you with a status update - certainly a reasonable request on the surface. Is there any chance that they ran out of time as it is late in the day on Friday or perhaps there was someone they had to contact that was out for the day. Consider the possibility that this was not deliberate. Not sure if that will help your sense of outrage, but it sometimes helps soothe me to consider the big issue when I am in a situation like the one you describe. Also, I have never had any issue a serious retail issue that was not ultimately resolved to my satisfaction. And yes, that "satisfaction" has resulted in me knowing where not to do business in the future.  I truly believe that Sephora online does care about their customers and I have enjoyed a very responsive and considerate level of service from them when an issue developed. I know that most folks take pride in doing a good job - whatever the job.  IMHO, I think that Sephora's online system is really superior to some other online retailers. Regardless of the order processing time, I still have most anything I order via regular delivery in just over a week (sometimes sooner!). Pretty Good IMO. 


While what you described is certainly frustrating, if this is the "most disgusting example" of customer (non)service you experience you should likely count your blessings. You are really a very LUCKY girl. By comparison, I've been on the receiving end of some bad behavior before (not at Sephora online) that would make your eyes bulge out and your hair stand on end. Not trying to reduce or invalidate your feelings - just letting you know that there really are some bad, bad actors out there in the retail world. And to be fair to our retail folks - I have likely been a bit guilty of being a bit demanding a time or two (not proud of those and thankfully I try to maintain perspective now - for my health and theirs)  and I have seen some folks go completely off the rails for no apparent reason. So....They do have a thankless and often frustrating job. There are tough customers out there who will never be satisfied as well as indifferent sales staff that could not give a rip. Period. 


While perspective certainly varies based on where you stand on any issue - it always helps me to ID the key issue: I must have this order in hand by this date vs. I should not have to pay the expedited upcharge due to longer than expected process time vs. I want to be valued and treated with respect - and tell them directly what the issue is and how you want it resolved. At that time they can either meet your expectations or offer some alternative. Then the ball is in your court, so to speak. Taking your ball and leaving is reasonable and always an option. Expecting profuse apologies in the form of having someone come to your home and build you your own private tennis court would likely be unreasonable. Not saying that you have any expectations other than being treated honestly and with respect - but, just trying to parallel the event. 


My point is this - as vital as this is - is this going to be that important in a week? A month? Next year? Sure, I know that I, like you, have a choice and regardless of words - money is the language of retail. Don't like the way you are treated? You can express that choice with your cash. 


While if you are otherwise happy with your experience at Sephora - maybe this is an outlier. If you have been treated poorly before - maybe that is a pattern of bad behavior. Those are two very different issues. While it is certainly not my decision about what you should do - I can add my own filtered experience to the mix. I find that when someone acts badly out of proportion to the issue at hand - it likely does not have anything to do with me and everything to do with them


I really hope that you are just venting and not as angry as you indicate. Anger is toxic and while I ♥ Sephora - if doing business with them was causing me that much distress, my solution would not need any resolution they could offer.


Giving folks the benefit of doubt is a personal matter and I find, that the willingness to do so varies among people based on their general temperament and sense of importance and entitlement. 


I hope this matter does resolve to your satisfaction - I sure would miss Sephora if I had to stop doing business with them. 


Good Luck and Be Blessed! 

Re: I am sorry that you have had a bad experience here - I ha...

@prettykat- Your post is one of the most thoughtful and well written posts I have read in a long time. You definitely have a level headed perspective on dealing with the world. Peace and serenity to you.

Re: I am sorry that you have had a bad experience here - I ha...

Thank you for your thoughtful email about my experience. Whenever I have a poor interaction with another person I evaluate my own behavior afterwards. While there certainly have been some circumstances that I displayed regrettable behavior, I can say with a clear conscience that last night was not one of them.
To be clear here, my anger came from being told TWICE that I could not talk to the manager and then being told that the manager would call me back THAT NIGHT, which did not happen. I made the point of asking her this and then gave my number and told them I would be waiting by the phone. She clearly was annoyed with me for being so persistent and I pointed out to her that her voice was raised. So it came as no surprise to me that the call never came.
Now to update, Sephora has responded to me twice online and has made it clear that the treatment I experienced is NOT what they expect from their employees and that it would be addressed. Which is all I ever wanted so I am happy about that. Thank you Sephora!
As to Prettkat, I am not sure whether you are validating my feelings, trying to suggest it might be somehow my fault or defending Sephora but rest assured I am a 45 year old woman who is quite comfortable with herself and already aware that I can choose to shop where I want to, thanks very much. Yes, I was angry and I don't think that is a bad thing. If nobody ever speaks up then things do not change. You were not there for my experience, you don't walk in my shoes and if I am being honest, the last part of your message sounds a bit judgemental for someone who does not know me. If you need, for some reason, to believe that I feel entitled and have a poor temperment then you go ahead and do that. I myself was raised that lying is wrong and there is no excuse for it. When you do it, you apologize. It's call accountability. I feel like I have touched a nerve here with you. Do you perhaps work for Sephora? I only ask because that is a really long response to a person you don't know and weren't there to witness the experience.
And I do believe myself to be blessed daily, but thank you for the thought.

Hi Femmegirl44 and PrettyKat,   I am very sorry to hear a...

Hi Femmegirl44 and PrettyKat,


I am very sorry to hear about both of your experiences and thank you for bringing it to our attention. This is definitely not the experience we want any of our clients to have and thank you again for voicing your concerns. I will each send you a message to help and to research the problems. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to speaking to each of you.

<3 Melissa
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