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LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler coupon extension?

I got the kit earlier this month partly because I was exciting to try the mascaras and use the 100 points coupon to get one.  The catch is that the coupon expires tomorrow which is less then 2 weeks after I actually recieved the kit.  Does anyone know if they are willing to honor the coupon after 3/31?  I'd love to use it, but I am still trying the mascaras to see which will ultimately work best for me and haven't figured out yet which one I'd get...

Hi ncip. That should not be a problem at all! Make sure y...

Hi ncip. That should not be a problem at all! Make sure you hang on to the coupon and give it to a Product Consultant at the store when you're ready to purchase a full size.


Which mascara is your favorite so far? Smiley Tongue

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