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Lash and brow tinting?

I am SO tired of filling in my near invisible blonde/brown brows and layering on the mascara every morning to look like a normal person! I'm really considering lash and brow tinting at a salon in my area... anyone have any advice on this or have tried it? 


My hair is this colorupload_238271531217062507.jpg

I was thinking of going with a light brown brow tint to go with this but am still debating on whether or not to do a brown lash tint or black... any input?


Thank you!

Re: Lash and brow tinting?

Thank you, ladies- I will definitely go with black for my lashes now Smiley Happy I can't wait to be able to wake up and not look like I'm sick haha!


Do all Benefit Brow Bars offer eyebrow tinting? There is one on my area at an Ulta; I've gotten waxes there before but have never seen anyone getting theirs tinted... although every time I've been there all the other girls getting theirs done have all been blessed with dark brows...

Re: Lash and brow tinting?

I have the same coloring as you. I have had my invisible lashes tinted many times. I do like the effect, but I find I still usually put on mascara because the tinting never perfectly covers every lash (and that's especially obvious when your natural lashes are white).


I have yet to get a good professional brow tint that didn't come out too dark. I sometimes use (don't laugh) Just For Men beard/mustache color (!!!) after reading about it in a beauty mag online somewhere. Because it's meant for coarser hair, it works pretty well for brows. I use one of the lightest brown/dark blonde shades. It lasts for several weeks. The shade isn't perfect for my coloring, but IMHO it's better than glowing white. 


I got my first Benefit brow wax recently (at a Birchbox event, fun!) and the aesthetician sold me on their brow tinting -- I want to go back and see how they do. She assured me they work with many redheads and can do light, natural-looking tints.  

Re: Lash and brow tinting?

I've had benefit tint my brows before, and I was quite happy!  She did a really good job, and while I still fill them in, it takes less product and looks more natural.  

Re: Lash and brow tinting?

I never considered tinting my lashes because I put mascara on anyway.  I have tried lash extensions and they were an absolute nightmare for me.  UGH.  Anyway, I get my brows tinted every few months.  I have dark hair but it needs help from a colorist to stay that way.  I noticed that my eyebrows were fading due to grey coming in so I get them done once in a while. It only takes a few minutes and adds but a mere $5 to my coloring tab. 

Re: Lash and brow tinting?

I got my lashes tinted before going on vacation and I really enjoyed it because I didn't have to worry about smudging or leaking mascara! Plus, I felt like I looked less tired when I woke up, which is always nice!


I don't do it regularly though because I would still wear mascara on top of it (for extra length and volume) most of the time so it wouldn't be worth it in my case.


For your lashes, I would recommend black to maximize the effect since you don't have the added volume and length of mascara (although the tip of my lashes are blond so adding color made them look longer).


For your brows, I suggest going to a Benefit brow bar to receive professional help in choosing the right color. (They don't do lash tinting, only brow tinting.)


Hope this helped a little! Smiley Happy

Re: Lash and brow tinting?

I get my lashes done black once a month. I love it. My hair is pretty close to that color (not naturally). Smiley Happy

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