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Just Venting-- Sephora Sale Section

I wish Sephora would remove the items that are not in stock from showing up in the Sale Section.. I get all excited about something I see on there only to click it and receive the page that says "this item is no longer available"...then I just get upset that I missed out! Smiley Sad


Does it just happen to me all the time Smiley Sad?

Re: Just Venting-- Sephora Sale Section

Hi ladies,


I understand your frustration and will be sure to pass the feedback along!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Just Venting-- Sephora Sale Section

Yes please and thank you.. ♥

Re: Just Venting-- Sephora Sale Section

I know how you feel. This happens to me quite often, especially with Kat Von D products-my favorite-there will be different items posted on sale, I click on them and it says sold out. Then after a few days, they aren't listed anymore. Then all of a sudden, they are listed as being on sale again. Sooooo, I click the links and again they say sold out! It is so frustrating! Smiley Sad

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