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Just Hit VIB status



I just hit VIB status on 4/23. I was given the VIB kit by the sales associate in the store.


I am getting conflicting messages online. When I go to the VIB launch page it says I'm "on the list" but I cannot access the VIB forum.


When I go to it says I still have to spend money to hit VIB (even though I spent that money on 4/23) and says that I'm not "on the list". However on this same page it says "enjoy your VIB status until 12/31/14"


Will it all coincide soon? or is something wrong? 


I would like to use the VIB forum asap!


Thanks so much

Re: Just Hit VIB status

Hi abbs88, 


I think what happened is that you have two different accounts. The account you are posting from now does not have a VIB status as it would have a "VIB" icon next to your name.  It's possible the account the cast members search for you by is the VIB and its not linked to your online. I'll send you a message to help. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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