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It has been over at least a year since I received a Sephora catalog in the mail, & I miss them!

I realized a few months (if not almost a year) ago that I have not received a catalog lately, and I just wonder why since I AM gladly signed up for everything else Sephora offers me. I still get the emails, which are nice, but there is something about holding and gazing at the actual beautiful, glossy catalog that no amount of email(s) can/could ever compare to.  I know like a lot of people lately I have not been able to spend as much the past year or two as I usually do, but I would have never thought a pitiful economy would keep me from receiving my much loved catalogs. Actually, as I am writing this I realize even my emails have been few and far between lately. 

     Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.  I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and happy holidays' this year.

Re: It has been over at least a year since I received a Sephora catalog in the mail, & I miss th

Haha...this is really getting my umpteenth email from Sephora saying they yet again, "refreshed" my email address in their database so I will supposedly will start receiving promotional emails in 10 days...this after 2 months since I initially changed the email address and two months of not receiving VIB or BI promotional emails so I've missed out. However, this is the SAME thing they've tried on numerous occasions so I am not sure why they think this time will be any different- isn't that the definition of crazy, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?? Seriously, time to try something new Sephora! I know I am not the only one either, as I see the same complaints on their Facebook page. I've been a faithful Sephora customer for years now but am starting to buy less and less there due to their terrible customer service and constant issues such as this (as well as no catalogs, etc..). I called CS on numerous occasions too and they keep telling me it is fixed. I've never had this problem with other beauty companies..only Sephora...and since the same thing happened over two years ago when switching email address, I sure was hoping they had gotten it together but, alas, I guess not.

The other thing I am frustrated with is that I keep having some of my reviews deleted. I was told by CS that it is because I refer to another product. In my review, I simply stated that I tried Lipfusion's conditioning balm because I wanted to hopefully replace the Fresh Sugar Rose since I didn't like the smell of that one. THat is ALL I said....if you read other reviews on that same product, MANY reviews refer to Fresh's balm or other lip balms and they are still up. Also, many many reviews refer to other products (e.g. many of the new Korres Wild ROse mineral foundation reviews mention BE/bare minerals foundation) and they are still left up. I think I only gave it one star and Sephora likes to limit their negative reviews of products. I no longer trust Sephora's reviews, as I think they pick and choose which ones they want to leave up...I want HONEST reviews!!

Re: It has been over at least a year since I received a Sephora catalog in the mail, & I miss th

Thanks for bringing this up Ladies. We most definitely want you to receive our emails and catalogs, and will make every attempt to correct any subscription issue for you.


If you suddenly stopped hearing from us, we will need to research your account, and ask you to contact Customer Service directly by calling 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) & selecting option 2. In most cases, refreshing your subscription settings will get your account back on track to receive all future communication you request. If the issue continues, please let us know so can assist you further.


@Phillygrl- It looks like we resolved this issue for you. Please call if there’s anything else you need help with!


@Angelprincess- Sorry to hear about your experience! I see that a supervisor has taken care of this and contacted you directly. I hope the matter is resolved for you.


Thanks again for sharing your concerns. As always, your honest feedback is greatly appreciated!


Re: It has been over at least a year since I received a Sephora catalog in the mail, & I miss th

I haven't received a catalog in quite some time either and yes, the box is checked to receive catalogs. Calling CS hasn't helped either...they say they don't know why I am not receiving them since the box is checked. I never got my VIB holiday card in the mail either. And now, since I changed my email address, I am no longer getting any of the promotional VIB and BI emails....I've talked to CS several times and to no avail....good luck, I hope they can resolve your issue!!

Re: It has been over at least a year since I received a Sephora catalog in the mail, & I miss th

I'm having the same problem. I never get anything in the mail or through email. I always hear about people getting coupons, and promotional offers and I don't get a thing- EVER! I have spent almost $1,000 in the past year and NEVER even got ONE coupon in mail.  I also never receive catalogs or basically anything from Sephora. Even when I got to the store I always have to ask for samples and the employees act like it's the biggest hassle ever.  I have called customer service twice to try and get the issue resolved and they act like they don't have a clue how to fix it.  I'm really debating whether I want to start shopping somwhere else that actually lives up to the offers that they promote online!!!!


If you've double checked your account and you are signed up to received catalogs, just call 1-877-SEPHORA and have them reset it for you.  Alot of people have been posting with the same problem and that is what the site moderators always say to do!

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