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Is testing out mascara in a store safe?

I have natually long, dark, curly eyelashes (no eyelash curler for me) and I need a waterproof mascara that will give my lashes tons of volume and won't smudge. I don't mind buying from the drugstore or buying high end just so long as the mascara does what I want it to do. What it all comes down to is besides just reading reviews on the internet or watching videos on can I be sure that the mascara I buy will work for me? I'm considering possibly testing out mascaras at the mall but I'm wondering if thats sanitary? Also what about drugstore mascaras you can't test them out in the store. How do I deal with that? I'm tired of spending money on products that don't work for me.

Most drugstores and places like Wal-Mart and Target will...

Most drugstores and places like Wal-Mart and Target will let you return lightly used products as long as you have the receipt and it is within their time frame, usually 30 days or so. Places like ULTA and Sally Beauty have similar policies. Department store beauty counters often have mini samples of their mascaras that are free for the asking. Just to be sure, you should check at the Customer Service desk at the place you are considering buying mascara to learn their return policy.


I personally wouldn't try a tester in store, you really should be very careful about bacteria in any product you put close to the eye. I don't like to buy a product unless I have a really good idea that I am going to like it, but I make an exception with mascara because it's so difficult to tell how it's going to work for you. 

Great suggestions makeupobesessed!  The sets Sephora sell...

Great suggestions makeupobesessed!  The sets Sephora sells around the holidays for the top mascaras is a great way to try out multiple brands at a lower cost than purchasing them individually.  The Sephora Cast Members do sanitize the testers regularly, so it is a personal preference for clients to try them out in-store.  Another option is checking the cashwrap area where minis of our products are sold.


One of my all time waterproof favorites would be the Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara


Another point to keep in mind Sephora's amazing return policy!  Hopefully that helps!




I don't test mascara out In any store. Just because your...

I don't test mascara out In any store. Just because your careful doesn't mean the last person was and didn't double dip their wand. As far as buying a mascara and not loving it, you are able to return a product if you don't like it. THS goes for most stores and drugstore brand makeup as well. Last Christmas my girlfriend bought me a Sephora mascara sampler and so I got to sample like 10 different brands and it came with an eyelash curler too. I ended up finding the mascara I love, Benefits Badgal lash and bought the full size when I was done. Or you can do what the other member said and just go with minis until you find the one you like that way.

Hi Jenbird,   Poshcd9 has some great recommendations!...

Hi Jenbird,


Poshcd9 has some great recommendations! 


The Sephora Stores do have disposable wands to use in store. I also always like to look at the type of brush that the mascara has. If you have questions about trying on products in store you can simply ask a cast member and they will be happy to help;) 

❤️ Melissa

I personally won't test any in store. Sephora does have d...

I personally won't test any in store. Sephora does have disposable wands for you to use, but other people might not have done that and just applied straight to their lashes and then put the brush back in which sperads bactiria.

When I want new mascara, I will but mini's or sets with minis in them or reddeem 100 point perk whenever they have mascaras. Also Sephora sometimes comes out with box sets of mini mascara which are great!

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