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Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

Hi, does anyone know if Witch Hazel is bad for your skin (face)?  I just bought a small bottle of toner that has witch hazel in it so that it might possibly help my large pores, but I'm wary to use it.  Thanks for any help!!  >'.'<

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

Witch Hazel is very drying to the skin and if your just wanting something just for your pores I would look into the Algenist products or Dr. Brandt's products for pores. Hope this helps!

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

I think witch hazel alone can be irritating, but when it's used with other ingredients in a product, the ingredients dilute the strength of the witch hazel, so it's not that bad. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

Witch hazel can be used alone on skin, but do note that since everyone's skin is unique, you do run the normal risk of it causing mild sensitivity to even irritation if it ends up being too potent/strong for your skin.


Many toners include witch hazel (especially those for clarifying properties for acne prone or oily skin) as it's a natural astringent which helps to naturally constrict tissue (hence it's use for enlarged pores); however, they also balance it with hydrators to ensure a proper balance.


Try applying it once a night on a test spot on skin to see if any irritation occurs, if there are no issues then move forward, but if you notice extreme dryness, sensitivity, or irritation, you may consider stopping use or finding other formulated toners with witch hazel and soothing ingredients.

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

Lylysa is absolutely right. As one of many ingredients that can possibly act as an astringent, witch hazel will constrict skin tissue.


Personally, on my skin, witch hazel doesn't reduce the size of my pores. What I really like it for is reducing redness. Witch hazel is a really popular treatment for spider veins - it's particular good at constricting blood vessels.

For my skin, the only thing I've found so far that actually reduces pore size (not permanently, but with daily use) is Clinique's Pore Refining line, though the Correcting Serum I use has a really terrible rating on Paulas Choice....

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

I prefer witch hazel in my toner over alcohol. If it has both, then it can be too drying, but it really depends on your skin.

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

I'm obsessed with witch hazel.  I love the smell, I love the way it makes my skin feel... it is the perfect toner.

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

Thanks!  I guess I'll be using it tonight!! Smiley Happy

Re: Is Witch Hazel ok for your skin?

Witch hazel is perfectly fine. Many toners have witch hazel in it. For some people it can cause slight irritation but other than that it's perfectly fine. 

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