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Is WEN at Sephora?



I'm a bit suspicious, I saw that WEN is sold on the Sephora website but I inquired about it on the WEN website and they said that they were not affiliated with Sephora. I have previously used WEN a few years ago but that was when I was a bit younger and not very skilled at styling my hair so I finished the bottle, not so0o much unimpressed but kinda just unenthused with the results. Now I know how to style my hair and am eager to give WEN a second chance. 

I ordered WEN from Sephora and it looks like the same formula I used before...Is there anything you can tell me that will clear up this conundrum?


Thank you for your time! >(8D) 

Re: Is WEN at Sephora?

Hi Greyes,


We currently sell WEN, which is provided to us by the brand itself. II would recommend  discussing possible formula changes with the company directly. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Is WEN at Sephora?

HeYyY Janinebt,


Thank you for getting back to me so0o soon! I was just a little concerned that I thought it might be a scam but I knew Sephora was a legitimate company!! Thank you again and have a Beautiful DaYyY! >(8D) 

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