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Ignoring/Blocking Users

Any chance the bbs could incorporate some ignore/block features so that we can ignore/block certain users who post certain content over and over?

Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

Mods, please close this thread this is so getting out of hand

Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

Yes, please. 

Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

I have ask this to be closed a long time ago to a MOD via PM!!! Don't know why they let these things go on and on!

Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

Regardless of the content or intention of this thread, I still think you're SUPER! Keep doing what you're doing!!!!!

Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

With the responses so far put aside, I'm going to chime in on the actual verbiage and context of Itscarin's post. I'm not here to "assume" what she's referring to, whether or not her intention was to subtly drop a hint about a subject or user in particular.


In regards to ignoring users, this can be done on a selective and circumstantial manner. If you have messaged someone or someone has messaged you to where there is a log in either your Inbox or Sent Messages, you can hit the "Ignore XYZ (User name)" tab once within that message. This would then load this user into your "Ignored Users" tab within your Private Messages area.


The blocking feature is not implemented by BT users, but in the past Moderators and Admins have blocked users from posting and utilizing BT. These instances are on a case by case basis and generally tend to undergo review from multiple Moderators to in fact explore and verify that a particular user does draw legitimate reason to be banned from BT. 


Ignoring or blocking content is not a feature that BT currently has in place, to be honest, the request to ignore or block select content would open up a world of new coding that would have to be implemented. For example, if someone didn't want to read or see any posts in regards to oily skin, if there was a filter in place to ignore posts and threads involving "oily skin", consider how detailed it would have to be, what if someone merely posted "I have dry skin, not oily skin", would that post automatically be filtered out into an ignore zone? If someone posted about primers in regards to silicone and dimethicone formulas and how it has multiple benefits, one being it can help mattify "oily skin", would that entire post about primers be filtered out even if the information doesn't only pertain to oily skin? If someone wanted to ignore or block heart parties, would coding have to separate out the word "heart" and "party" or only block when they are used together or in hear proximity of one another? What if a user said "I 'heart' that lip gloss!" would that raise a red flag and have that comment be blocked/ignored? What if someone posted a thread in regards for needing assistance for "party" make up, would that post be removed from sight for someone who wanted "heart" "party" blocked?






Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

Thanks lylysa for that clarification. I for one didn't think about all the coding that would go into it and you brought a great point about things being blocked that you may not want to actually want to be blocked. 

Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

Annd...we're done here. Thanks for playing!


Also a friendly tip for the road: Heart Parties technically do belong in the "Off-Topic" board. Because they are, as it were, Off-Topic (even though we literally *heart* them). 

Re: Ignoring/Blocking Users

Closing thread, we can forward the request but my best suggestion is to just skip the posts and ignore the users. Thanks. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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