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I need an order cancelled

I placed an order from my phone, and without being given any option for payment methods, the order was sent to my debit account. I do NOT wan this. In less than a half hour the order was "sent to warehouse." How do I cancel the order? I am not authorizing any charges to my debit account and have already alerted my bank. I need Sephora to either change my payment method or immediately cancel the order. Further, the fact that the order was so quickly sent to warehouse when no customer support is available is ridiculous. I do NOT want to be told that it is "too late" to cancel.  I want answers and a resolution.   This was done by no fault of my own and if the order is not canceled I expect a full reimbursement immediately.


Re: I need an order cancelled

How can i cancel an order i just made 30 min ago?

Re: I need an order cancelled

Hi Paulaap,

According to our records, I see that you had this resolved. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-Sephora, thank you.

<3 Melissa

Re: I need an order cancelled

Hi there, I place an order without the opportunity to use my VIB discounts , and then y place another one using the code discount, so I want to cancel the first order ,   

Re: I need an order cancelled

Hi rachelk222,

I'll send you a message to chat about this. Respond when you can. 

Whimsically yours,
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