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How to return part of a make up set?

So i recently ordered a makeup set but one of the brushes is broken. So I emailed Sephora and they sent a replacement but a complete new set. So the actual question is, what do I send back to them? the entire new set with the broken brush or just the brush? Sorry, if this sounds silly, but it's my first time doing this.

Re: How to return part of a make up set?

Hi Natskis,


I reviewed your account and you will need to send back the entire Too Faced Workdays To Weekends Perfect Eyes Set and include all the items. You can use the merchandise return label on the bottom on the order summary, which is valid for free shipping via USPS. I hope that this helps and please PM me if you have any questions!Smiley Happy Thank you.

<3 Melissa
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