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How long do you have to use VIB welcome coupon? And do you still get 2 years VIB status?

Hello.  I am only $17 away from VIB status this year.  (Will be $42 after a return is processed).  I have been wanting to place an order online, but have been holding off because it will trigger my VIB welcome coupon.  Once I get the coupon, I have several high cost items I have been waiting to buy because I want to be able to use my discount (perfume set, high end skin care, etc.).  So obviously I don't want to spend a lot, get VIB, and then be pressured into using my welcome coupon right away before it expires.  Does it last a few months?  Or is it only valid for a few weeks?  Knowing this will help me know how to time my purchases.  Thank you.


Also, do you still get VIB status for the year you spend the $350 as well as the following year?  While trying to research my first question, I came across one or two posts where someone said she had not received VIB promotions in the year after she made VIB status.  This caused her to miss out on a VIB sale she had been waiting on.  I am really counting on my VIB status being for this year and the next, as it has always been.  Thanks again, Heather


***NOTE: I placed several orders during the 15 days of mini thrills promotion, which triggered my VIB email.  However, contrary to the advice I received that I could use the promo code within the year, the email says that I have only 1 month to use my 10% off!  Ugh!  This is exactly what I wanted to avoid!  Not the end of the world, but still very frustrating that I was told the wrong thing and relied upon that.  Also, very, very frustrating that the coupon only lasts 1 month.  2 would be ok.  3 would be better.  But 1 is way too short, especially when I was told I'd have until the end of the year, which would mean over 6 months.  Just a heads up and a warning to anyone else in a similar situation.


Oh, and ironically, I just did another order this morning to get the free UD primer potion, before getting my 10% off email.  I was thinking of doing another order to get another 15 days mini thrill, but I won't be able to do that and use the 10% off at the same time.  😞

Hi Whigrose.  The welcome email is sent out within 2 week...

Hi Whigrose.  The welcome email is sent out within 2 weeks of qualifying.  If you aren't able to us it right away, that is fine.  It just must be used this year. When you qualify for VIB status, you will be a VIB for the rest of the year as well as the following year.  So if you were to qualify now, you would be a VIB until 12/31/2013.

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