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How do I know if my order was canceled?

So, I placed an order on Saturday (two, actually) & called to cancel the first one. However, they never got back to me as to whether or not it was actually canceled. I'm not mad or frustrated, just curious as to whether or not it was canceled. The lady on the other end was very helpful & offered to ask the warehouse to cancel the order, since it had been a few minutes over the "canceling" deadline. The second order I placed, about fifteen minutes later HAS shipped, I've recieved no notification about the first order, whether it has shipped or been canceled, other than the original order confirmation email. 

Just curious as to what's going on with that first order! Smiley Happy)

Re: How do I know if my order was canceled?

*just to clarify, if the order ISN'T canceled, I don't mind, because I can always just return the items unopened to Sephora. 

The reason why I wanted to cancel the first order was b/c I accidentally ordered the NARS blush instead of the multiple. 

Re: How do I know if my order was canceled?

Hi marydiva,


I'll send you a private message now to discuss this in detail. Please respond when you can. Thanks!

Whimsically yours,
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