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Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

I'm just curious if anyone has been sent defective items by Sephora. I received a blush without its backing glued on. The  Bobbi Brown blush was stuck to the mirror when I opened it. This has been my first time with a defective item from Sephora. I've made a lot of orders before and had never had a problem. I went to my nearby Sephora and they gave me a refund. They didnt have it in stock so oh well. I'll just order it tonight. 


Anyway, I'm just curious if f this has happened to anyone else? 

Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

I recently received the Omorovicza cleansing balm.  The lid wasn't screwed on properly and the product had 1/4 of mold on the top. It had obviously been sitting on the shelf for quite a while.  Sephora was great about it, but I didn't want a replacement because I was so turned off.  It did make me more cautious about purchasing less popular items that might not be turned over as quickly.  I went through some of my recent Koh Gen Do orders and discovered some were going to expire sooner than I would use them so I sent those back unopened (some were fine).  

Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

I ordered a DDF face wash years ago that explored all over the bottle and once I ordered the Boscia Black  Peel Off mask, the Fresh mud mask bar and the origins active charcoal mask in one order. When i opened the box, there was only packing paper and the order summary. Nothing else. 

Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

I got sent a BECCA beach tint duo with two Watermelons instead of Watermelon & Fig. I took it to the SiJCP near my house because they carry BECCA--they were able to exchange it, but it was processed as a return without a reciept even though I had one, because apparently that's all they're allowed to do? Wasn't too happy about that.

Re: Has anyone been sent defective items by Sephora?

BOO!!! I just got my Naked 3 from Sephora and it came with a broken eyeshadow. I know the Sephoras had a Naked 3 launch party tonight... but I didn't get the package until after the party started. I sure hope they have some left in stock when I go tomorrow!!!

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