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Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer price glitch ??

I clicked on perfume for women under the fragrance menu and sorted it by price, low to high. The first item that is listed is the 'Hampton Sun - After Sun Moisturizer' at $0.01. Is this correct? Is it applicable to the 3x the points (on entire order) when you buy any fragrance? Also for that offer, do rollerballs count? (sorry last questions) Which items are not considered a "qualifying fragrance product" for the triple points offer (ex: I'm guessing bath/body and candles & home scents even though they're listed under 'fragrance').


Thank you!



Re: Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer price glitch ??

Hi Olivyah All fragrances qualify for the triple points, rollerballs included.  I'm not able to find the Hapmton-After Sun Moisturizer listed for $0.01, do you still see it?  That definitely would be a glitch and not eligible for the fragrance triple points.

Re: Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer price glitch ??

Thanks! Sorry just to clarify, so bath/body products and candles&home scents do qualify for triple points (wasn't sure because when I hear fragrance i think just perfume/cologne)?


I'm still seeing the Hampton Sun product listed at $0.01. Took three difference screen grabs.









Re: Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer price glitch ??

Hi Olivyah,


Thank you for reporting this issue. I have sent it to have the price correctly adjusted. In the meantime, candles and home scents do not count towards the promotion. Please click here: to view the items and products that qualify.

<3 Melissa
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