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Opinion on Naked Basics Palette?

Re: HELP!!!

I really like the Naked Basics palette. I like that I can use it alone or with other palettes when I want depth without sparkles. You can create a nice number of looks with it but it stays in the nice basic everyday looks.

Re: HELP!!!

I really like the colors it offers and the fact that they're matte so I can use it when I want a very minimal look. However, the shadows (especially "Faint") are difficult to blend out. I found it really odd since the Naked1 palette is super blendable.

Re: HELP!!!

Hi raaachelll14,


I think it depends on what eyeshadow palettes you already own. I think if you do not own much eyeshadow, the Naked Basics palette is a great palette to start out with. It is also a great palette if you have a lot of shimmery neutral eyeshadows, but not many in the way of matte neutral eyeshadows, which always come in handy for blending your eyeshadow and creating a seamless look. Smiley Happy




Re: HELP!!!

I end up using it a ton. The colors go with everything, it's small and portable, you can build up the color to go from very natural to smokey,... When I'm in a hurry, this is my go-to.

Re: HELP!!!

Not really a palette to use on it's own. It's more of a base for the Naked series. 


Re: HELP!!!

Some people can use the palette alone to create a whole look, but for me personally only 3 colors really show up on me so I would need another palette to finish a look. I personally like the other naked palettes better, or even other travel size palettes like the LORAC pocket palette.

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