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Got hearts?

I feel as if since the new format, it's not as heart friendly.  I mean, we can still give out hearts but it takes two steps instead of one, at least for me on the app.  I also feel as if my rate of acquiring hearts has slowed down, but maybe that is because I haven't been on quite as much...


how do you heart?  Do you give them out lots or forget all the time?  I give hearts lots and lots for sure, unless I really don't like a's my way of not saying anything mean but quietly disagreeing with someone.  I just don't give out a heart.  Silly, i know....Do tell guys!  

Re: Got hearts?

Wow! Don't know how I missed this but anyway I give hearts for good humor, for good answers, I try to heart new users to make them feel welcome, but we can't do that all the time. I don't give hearts just because, and for long long long answers don't get hearts, and I don't heart if I see answers like, "live with it, or "too bad". Everyone has to start somewhere.Smiley Happy

Re: Got hearts?

I'm hearting you two as we speak! LOL!

Re: Got hearts?

Haha, I think I've gotten less heart, too, but that's probably cuz I nearly run out of useful things to say. There's only so many times I can recommend product X and rave about it before it gets too repetitive.


Since I'm unable to stay signed in, I browse all the time but only sign in when I'm responding. I'm not intentionally picky about hearting, just that I'm a very picky person in general about every thing, so I only remember (and intetionally) heart people if:

1. They posted the product or advice that I would've said, or said it better than I would, so instead of repetitive response I heart.

2. They posted in my thread, as a thanks for taking time to answer my question.

3. Occasionally when I'm in the mood or see how much hearts I have (which is harder now since they don't display number of hearts under the prof beside the posts now), because I feel like the amount of hearts I give is dispproportionately tiny compare to the amount of hearts I receive. =X


I do notice the small changes they make here and there, so it will get better. I think most hearters are ppl who are used to the old format, so it takes a while to pick up the pace.

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