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For some reason.... I never cared about make up until now

Ok well, to make a long story short....I recently dealt with a health related difficult situation and overcame it.  I have a new outlook on things and  feel a lot better about myself.  


I have always done the bare minimum/basic make up process.  I want some help.  I want to know what products/colors you would all recommend.


Skin:  Fair...... pink undertones

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Medium Length/Brown


I usually use a moisturizer/foundation/bronzer........nothing on my eyes, nothing on my lips.  I don't even know the difference between foundation/concealer/powder lol.


I guess what i'm asking is... what should I start with and what colors should i go looking for, for my face/eyes/lips.


Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!

Re: For some reason.... I never cared about make up until now



I actually didn't wear much (or any) makeup until I was about 22 and also dealt with some health difficulties and a risky surgery. Now, a few years later, I have a huge collection of makeup and can't think about not wearing makeup like I used to. 


I'd also say rock the natural look with a natural looking foundation like Urban Decay's Naked line and some nice rose/pink lip colors. On the other hand, if you're into it, go for the wild colors and experiment. Most of all, have fun Smiley Happy 

Re: For some reason.... I never cared about make up until now

Based on your description I think you would look really good with a natural look.

Say, some mascara, brown eyeliner, light pink eyeshadow, taupe brow pencil, pink blush and or some bronzer/luminator, lip gloss, and you're set!


To give you better input i would actually need a picture of your face to see your facial contours though.


Hope this helped! =]

Re: For some reason.... I never cared about make up until now

Two weeks ago, I was in the same boat you're in now.  You've *definitely* come to the right place!  Being a novice myself, I can't really give you any advice, but I can give you a warm welcome.  Smiley Happy

Re: For some reason.... I never cared about make up until now

Hi AmandaT810! 


To start off, welcome to the world of make-up! You will get obsessed in no time, thanks to Sephora! Smiley Wink 


Foundations help cover your entire face in the original shade of your skin. They help to clear your face for an even finish. They come in liquid (most popular), powder, and powder to cream. 


Concealers...The name says it all! They help cover blemishes, acne, and sun spots or dicolouration and dark circles under the eyes. Great for touch-up during the day! They come in liquid or stick or paste. 


A powder helps settle your foundation and concealer. Use a big, round brush with soft bristles! They come in pressed or loose. 


You are pretty lucky to have pink undertones for your skintone. Finding a foundation will be easier. I would say that becasue in the past I've purchased too many foundations with pink undertones even though they say they are for warm undertones. If you would like to combine the moisturizer and foundation works, use a BB cream! They have SPF and usually have many benefits. Use a concealer if you need to with a concealer brush or your finger tips. I recommend Clinique BB Cream in the lightest shade. 


For your beautiful brown eyes, start off with a dark brown or a navy (dark blue) shadow/eye liner. A short, thick cat eye will also work for any days where you feel like a minimum make-up look. You can apply a champaigne (cream) eye shadow all over you eye lid before applying the darker shades onto your lash line and a bit above it. You can add a bit of a gold shadow on to the contours of your eyelid for a good pop! If you don't want too much work at first for your eyes, just start with an eyeliner and/or one eye shadow colour. Brunettes with brown eyes usually go for darker, earthy, and more mysterious, sensual tones to compliment brown all around. 


Blush helps every woman of every age, every woman must need blush in their life to look alive and pretty! Apply it with an angled brush. Smile while you do it to find the apples. Apply it to your hairline going upwards along your cheekbones. They come in liquid tint, loose powder or pressed. I recommend Benefit Benetint for an easier application and sexy flush. 


Your lips to me is one of the first things a person sees. You need to be kissably ready! They come in glosses, sticks, tints, liquids, and creams. To give your lips a natural colour go for a tinted balm or a nude/peachy colour for an everyday look. Plums are great for your brown hair and eyes too! Pinks are also great for when you're on the road, also an every day colour. Benetint can also be a lip tint too for a natural red lip. I also recommend Stila Lip Glaze. They aren't too sticky and have an easy application with moisture a large range of colours as addressed above.  


WOW! I have typed a lot. I hope this really helps you in make-up in the future. Also, I hope your health is well now! Smiley Happy 


PS: Any more questions and I'll be happy to help. 

Re: For some reason.... I never cared about make up until now

what she said  ^^^^^^^^^ lol

Re: For some reason.... I never cared about make up until now

looooool Smiley Very Happy 

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