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Eye gloss recommendations

Hey girls - I'm obsessing over this eye gloss look. I was told rouge bunny rouge makeup has a awesome eye gloss. But are there any other brand out there to achieve look? Thanks!!! 

Re: Eye gloss recommendations


Re: Eye gloss recommendations

Honestly I have zero experience with this look. I think in a more practical, real life setting, a high shimmer eye shadow will give that  "wet look". With a little research I found most of the products classified as eye gloss are just high shimmer liquids and creams. Charlotte Ronson's Starry Eyed eyeshadow is a liquid eye shadow with high shimmer (plus it's on sale right now). Lise Watier (a Canadian brand) has some new shadows called souffle supreme, they have great pigmentation and gives lids a high shine effect.


The real glossy look you see in editorials and such are accomplished using balms, creams, sometimes gloss and a bit of photoshop. A true glossy eye could be very messy and cause creasing and not look quite as awesome in real life as it does in photos, but high shimmer and shine from cream and liquid eye shadows can give that effect in a more practical way.

Re: Eye gloss recommendations

Appreciate your advice. I thought about the creasing..I've even seen people use Vaseline. But I might just pick up a few to try out.. Makeup is fun!! Smiley Happy) I even found that Chanel & CK one has some eye gloss.. 

Re: Eye gloss recommendations

I think it's actually pretty, but i totally agree with you, it's not a real life look. I have an eye shadow i wear almost daily, and it has a shimmer, kinda wet look. I apply it with a wet brush and the shimmer in it is beautiful. Just the idea of a gloss eyeshadow is just not a good one at all. 

Re: Eye gloss recommendations

If it doesn't dry how would it stay in place when you open your eye?

It might work for a photo session but how would you wear it in real life?

It's different or maybe shocking. Maybe that's what it's supposed to be?

Re: Eye gloss recommendations

    Thank you Chanel!

Re: Eye gloss recommendations

I should have scrolled down before I replied!  Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing!


Re: Eye gloss recommendations

A quick search brought up Jane Iredale (which can be bought at BeautyBar). They come in 8 shades and are $15.50 a piece. 

Everything I read says not to put eye gloss near the crease, it should be on the lid only to prevent it from creasing. 

Re: Eye gloss recommendations

I don't have any recommendations because I'm not familiar with it but I found this picture and I really think it looks good!

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