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Does anyone know where the new Avitars are?

How do I change my Profile picture? I clicked on an avatar that looks nothing like me, or of anyone I have ever seen for that matter. I tried to change it going by the instructions in Help. I was instructed to first log in to Beauty Talk but I have not found where to log in. Anyone help? Thank you!

Re: Does anyone know where the new Avitars are?

Hi Choosysusan,


Since you were able to post, you are definitely logged in already!  The log in would normally be on the front page of, on the left hand side bar.  If you click on your profile picture on the main page, it will bring you to your Beauty Profile.  From there, "edit" in the about me section in the upper right.  You can pick a new avatar in the "Avatars" tab (third one) or upload one of your own Smiley Happy  If you need any additional help, feel free to message me!


xo, Mia

Re: Does anyone know where the new Avitars are?

Thank you Mia! xo xo

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