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Disconnect between corporate and storefront

I'm getting tired of the disconnect between the emails sent to vib rouge for promotions that the actual stores are not made aware of. Is it a lack of training or communications to staff? Is it that the products are not sent to the stores? Where is the disconnect? I understand that these programs are perks, and I am grateful for the promotions that actually come to fruition, however it is frustrating to waste time at the store having staff members search/or not search for promotional products that have been advertised to customers and yet the staff people are seemingly unaware of these emails or products. I feel that corporate needs to really overhaul the communication to their stores.

Re: Disconnect between corporate and storefront

Hi deannarp!  Was there a specific promotion you are referring to?  It is important for us to know which stores are unaware of promotions that are available both in-store and online.  That being said, a lot of the email communications we send out are for online-only promotions. 





Re: Disconnect between corporate and storefront

The recent Caudalie facial oil email for rouge members. My halifax ns store didn't know anything about it and were not sent any of the samples to be given in store.

Re: Disconnect between corporate and storefront

Hi deannarp, 


I am sorry that your store was not aware of the recent promotion for the Caudalie facial oil. I will definitely forward your feedback to our retail division so they are aware of the issue and can make the necessary changes for future promotions. 

<3, Randee
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