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Dear Community

May 1 marks my one year anniversary joining BT, and it is with heavy heart I write this. BT has changed, and lots of friends have dropped out and stopped coming around because of negative changes. 


This is a chance to revive the love of BT that I had from the start. Regarding heart parties: They are a positive show of love and affection to another bt member and to have them booted to the netherlands is a slap in the face. No one has ever posted malicous or negative things in them, they are only to boost up the member.


Some have complained to the mods to have them moved.


This is a petition to have them reinstated on the main page.


If you agree then simply post a heart. If you feel so inclined then pm a mod.


If not keep on scrolling.  This is not a debate, just a petition


I want my OLD BT BACK!!!!!!!




I Heart supergirl

Re: Dear Community

You are so sweet and in so glad to know you. 

Re: Dear Community

Well, I am sorry to hear the sadness, and I have seen some of the craziness and just recently discovered someone reamed me for a post I made that they didn't fully understand. We all have to let stuff roll off our backs, put on our "big Girl PLANTYs" (in honor of your missing friend) and enjoy things as they come. I have enjoyed my time here immensely since joining right after Christmas. My makeup and skincare obsession has multiplied exponentially, I have met great people, learned some, helped some, and annoyed my husband with announcements of how many hearts I am getting ( coming up on 500 cough cough AHEM) and secretly took pics of my makeup while he was in the can so he wouldnt see me doing such an odd thing...

I guess my point is that things change, and while old people may leave, new ones come..the goobers will eventually move on, and it is still a great community! Hearts to you all!

Re: Dear Community

I'm sorry you had a bad experience - that's not nice. We Greyhound Girls must stick together. Smiley Happy


Loved your comment about when you take pics of your makeup stash. Smiley Happy


Almost in the 500 Club, I'll keep an eye on your #'s and hope that I'm the first to notice when you hit that milestone so that I can throw your party. Especially since we're Greyhound lovers at Heart. Smiley Wink

Re: Dear Community

Ahhh, please don't go, gogreyhound!  I still remember that you were the first person to give me a heart when I joined BT, as well as my first PM just to say hi!  BT would be worse off without welcoming people like you. Smiley Happy

Re: Dear Community

I'm with you CJ. Wow...the heart parties have ALWAYS been around. I thought that Sephora wanted us to contribute to BT...the Heart Parties were just a way to say "thank you" to your members for contributing and being a part of the community. If a newbie doesn't feel like we want her/him here and feel appreciated, why would they keep coming back to BT? Heart Parties were a way to show appreciation to each other and build strong ties and camaraderie with each other. I vote for the main page as well.


Re: Dear Community

well they booted my thread off to the cs wasteland... if you want to come and play pm super girl or sparkles or me or find a ninja 

Re: Dear Community

You can also pm me... i have the info and am online at the moment