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Dear Community

Happy Anniversary Beauty Talk. 


Yes today is my one year anniversary, I was going to do this yesterday, but I thought "heck, let's wait and make it official."


I am tired of trying to keep this flame alive...many times in the past couple months I have contemplated leaving, but I kept coming back because there was really no where else to go. Now I have somewhere-so I am off to greener pastures (makeupaddicts . freeforums . net) and I am leaving bt in the dust.


I won't go into detail about my grievances because we all know they will just get this post deleted like the one yesterday. I am tired of the lack of freedom of speech here and lack of freedom in general. 


I also am spending my $$ elsewhere....however I do intend on using my points that I have saved up,but thats it. Sephora has shown over and over customers are not the main concern, so I am switching teams. 


Don't be sad, I'm taking most of you with me





Beautytalk- I'm breaking up with you.





Re: Dear Community

I can't PM you newandaddicted! Says you don't exist!

Re: Dear Community

newandaddicted, I got the same user doesn't exist message. PM one of us your personal email, and we can send you the link that way.

Re: Dear Community

Nvm. I got it!

Re: Dear Community

Please pm me, too. I think I'm done here.

Re: Dear Community

pm-ing you

Re: Dear Community

Everyone's leaving? Smiley Sad


Darn it guys, this makes me so sad but I understand. I was here since last year and I could see the shift.  Any chance you can PM me where you all are off to? 


you will be missed.


Smiley Sad

Re: Dear Community

ill pm you!

Re: Dear Community

This newbie is disappointed she won't get to know you all. I know your usernames, and do so much to make BT a fun place.


Re: Dear Community

come wif us!!!!!!

Re: Dear Community

Come with us!

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