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Dear Community

May 1 marks my one year anniversary joining BT, and it is with heavy heart I write this. BT has changed, and lots of friends have dropped out and stopped coming around because of negative changes. 


This is a chance to revive the love of BT that I had from the start. Regarding heart parties: They are a positive show of love and affection to another bt member and to have them booted to the netherlands is a slap in the face. No one has ever posted malicous or negative things in them, they are only to boost up the member.


Some have complained to the mods to have them moved.


This is a petition to have them reinstated on the main page.


If you agree then simply post a heart. If you feel so inclined then pm a mod.


If not keep on scrolling.  This is not a debate, just a petition


I want my OLD BT BACK!!!!!!!




I Heart supergirl

Re: Dear Community

Love this.

Re: Dear Community

I started posting on BT December 2013, and I do agree, the atmosphere here has really changed. I saw heart parties when I was a newbie. I thought they were cute and were there to show love and appreciation of a BT member. Why should a harmless thing like that be taken away or hidden off somewhere? 

Re: Dear Community


Re: Dear Community

Thanks for posting this petition CJ.  I think it's pretty clear you're not alone in your feelings.


Re: Dear Community

I am still learning how to navigate Beautytalk, but I thought the main page had every topic in chronological order. I do not want to miss anything, so I think everything should be on the main page.  If someone feels like searching for a more specific topic, they should do that.  I have stumbled upon heart party threads recently.  When were they moved from the main board?  

Re: Dear Community

Oh, and Happy Anniversary.  Hopefully, you get what we want on your anniversary.  That would be a nice gift.

Re: Dear Community

notcreative, all heart parties appear to have been moved to the Off Topic thread last night in one fell swoop. 


The Off Topic thread used to show up on the main page, too.  However, a few months ago - in a change much like this one - the Off Topic thread was segregated from the main page with no warning. 


All conversations used to be visible on the main page when you came to BT (with the exception being the customer service thread, where people post requests to mods).  Now you have to drill down to Off Topic if you don't want to miss anything. 

Re: Dear Community

Thanks for the info.  That is a shame.  Hopefully, the petition works.  I can miss so much content if things start to get segregated.

Re: Dear Community

The petition did not work. It was a waste of time. Im not meaning to sound short, but it was just a fail.  

Re: Dear Community

it wasn't a waste of time calamity.  it was a last ditch effort.  you tried WE tried.  bt has failed us but we will not fail ourselves!  


i love you for being you, for being an amazing friend, for trying to make something work.  bt may lose us but at least we have each other!

Re: Dear Community

Xoxo you put some sparkle back in my step

Re: Dear Community

This all makes me very sad.  Those of you who know me know this will likely be a long post. Smiley Happy Those of you who don't, well, I'm sorry that I don't know you because I haven't been here as much recently.


BeautyTalk used to be what I read on my iPad before I fell asleep at night.  It's the place that I've made friends who might be different from me in age, makeup experience, music or fashion choices, whatever.  But it was a place that I could go to to ask questions, give (long, rambling) advice, joke around.


I remember some very important but truly off-topic threads that we had.  Things that some of our newer mods were not around to read, I expect.  Things that might have been controversial but were not.  They were helpful, even if only tangentially related to makeup.


Now I feel like the spark has gone out of Beauty Talk.  I know some of it is because people for various reasons have decided to spend less time here.  Some of it is because it's such a great resource that a lot of newer people come looking for help.  And of course the first help people look for is often something that has been asked many times before.  So what?  It's still worth asking -- and decent forum software would make it easy to search for an answer so that 3 people wouldn't ask basically the same question in 6 hours not because they didn't search (which is possible) but also because the search function is not very helpful.


In the past, off topic items were random and more rare.  Heart parties happened once in a while.  Someone posted the same question in 6 places at the same time because they felt desperate and wanted help.  The front page felt a bit cluttered for a bit and you used the 'show more topics' button or came back later.  Maybe you even joined a party or offered some advice.  Now it seems like people either complain about seeing too much of something or want to have fun and go overboard because it feels like there are no topics of substance to read here.


I've seen other internet forums fail over the years, mostly because people get fed up and move on elsewhere.  This isn't the helpful place it used to be.  The moderators don't seem to have time to add helpful advice.  People seem to post like they are experts on a topic when really they have products that they know and love but are not experts and don't know how to express the difference.  Experienced moderators who would let things flow seem to have been replaced by moderators who are extremely heavy handed -- either by corporate mandate or their personalities.  All of these things influence our user experience.

This used to be a place where I saw interesting questions that I was pleased that I could answer, whether on-topic or not.  It was a place that I could ask for advice and get it.  It was a place I could go for a good laugh without having to search for it.  It was a place everyone was happy and comfortable enough that people didn't feel like they had to go over the top to make things feel fun, happy, mean-girl, annoying, whatever ther personality of the day might be.  It's not a place that I generally feel like I want to hang out.


And I'll just add this -- when I hung out here more, I saw more things that enabled me.  I heard more advice that made me want to try something.  I heard what others couldn't live without or thought was beautiful and felt like I needed to try it too.  And it all made me shop at Sephora more.  That's gone now.  I shop here because you have what I want or a good promotion.  Something I can manage to get without Beauty Talk at all.  BT is less useful than ever to me.


Yea, I'm old in life, and I'm older in BT experience.  I value the friends I've made here, but I don't feel like much encourages me to stay here or make more friends.  Ultimately Sephora loses and we all lose.

Re: Dear Community

I second just about everything you said.  I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time on BT now I pop on once in awhile and often leave without even posting.

Re: Dear Community

Yup, I feel bad that I mostly lurk, too >.>

Re: Dear Community

I do exactly the same.

Re: Dear Community

Very well said, and true for me as well.  I used to sincerely enjoy coming to BT and it was very enabling to get me to purchase stuff.  Like immediately - "I must have that type" of purchasing.  But the tenor here has really changed, and the input from the moderators, absolutely no offense intended, seems to lean less towards providing helpful answers to people asking questions and more about changing what we have been posting here - whether it be to move things around, or asking us not to moderator the posts of others, or removing anything with a dollar value on the trade threads.  Not saying what they have been doing is wrong, it is redirecting BT more towards the overall guidelines.  But I guess it just doesn't feel warm and fuzzy here anymore when it really used to. 

Re: Dear Community

I agree @mafan... I joined a over year ago and use to go on everyday till a few months ago... MULTIPLE times a day even! I always looked forward to coming on here and chit chatting away. Now I get on every now and then and hardly comment anymore either. I guess I dont have that same exciting feeling anymore

Re: Dear Community



I love heart parties and I hope (hint hint) that when I hit 1,000 hearts I will have one (again, hint, hint) and I want it on the main page for everyone to ooohh and aaahh over for a day and I'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside.





Re: Dear Community

@Joeanne - I''ve been watching your hearts, you were only in the 800's last week or so, now you've broken through to the 900's!! I hope your upcoming heart party will be 'front page news'.


I think I know the 'Fairy Godmother' who is watching and waiting and will be throwing it too - and let me tell you, she's a sweetheart!Smiley Wink

Re: Dear Community

I'm very much looking forward to the response to this request. Heart parties are - forgive the pun - the heart of BT. It was just a few weeks ago that the newest mod on the boards was welcomed - by another mod - with a heart party!


I think it was a mistake to summarily sweep them from the main page yesterday.


My name is SFS, and I support this petition.


Re: Dear Community