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Confusing Status?

Happy Sunday Everyone,


I have a question. When I placed an order online a few minutes, it stated that my status will be VIB Rogue (after the purchase). It stated I need 65


Now, it stated that I need 45 points to be a rogue. I am confused.

Kindly advise!



Re: Confusing Status?

Sorry for my confusing message. It is as confusing as the status! In addition, I wasn't able to edit the topic. Not my day today.


Here's some clarification:

*I placed the order online a few minutes ago

*It stated that I need 65 points for next reward (which I did)

*At checkout, my status was bumped to rogue

*After the purchase, I checked my status and it said, I need another 45 points?


Hope my question is clearer now.



Re: Confusing Status?

Hi Rhanousia,


It can actually take up to two business days for our system to update with your new order, which is why you are still seeing the "need" to purchase more.  No need to worry, it should be updated by Tuesday Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Confusing Status?

A quick follow- up,


The status remain the same. Very confusing

Re: Confusing Status?

Hi Rhamnousia It should update shortly after your order ships.  I'll take a look at your account and send you a message with more information Smiley Happy

Re: Confusing Status?



Thank you, Mia!

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