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Comment Alert

I think it would be great if posters who have responded to a question could opt to get alerts when their response is commented on, either by BeautyTalk Private Message or some other form, without having to subscribe to every single thread to get emails for new posts.


I like answering questions, but often miss it when an additional follow-up question is left in the comments, because new threads are created so frequently that older threads are pages and pages behind and forgotten.

Re: Comment Alert


Smiley Happy

Re: Comment Alert

That's a great idea.  I tried for a while to subscribe to questions and answers to all of my posts, but it became too overwhelming to handle.  I want to make sure that if someone comments on one of my posts that I am sure to get it, but comments can get lost amongst the pages and pages of posts.  Hopefully Sephora will add this feature.

Again, great idea!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Comment Alert

Great suggestion -- when you reply to a lot of questions, it's easy to miss responses and follow ups. I felt bad when I saw that someone had commented on one of my posts with a follow up question -- and I'm on frequently and never saw it! Smiley Sad

Re: Comment Alert

I agree! Especially since I disappear for days and then come back completely forgetting where I last answered and so on! 

Re: Comment Alert

An easy way to refer back to your posts is to go to your profile, scroll down to "my activity," and click on "view all." Everything you've posted on any board is saved there Smiley Tongue


Re: Comment Alert

Wouldn't that require opening each of your previous posts one by one to see if there are new comments on them? That strikes me as a bit too tedious.

Re: Comment Alert

 You do have to go thru and delete some of your subscriptions once in awhile though or you'll be scrolling thru 20 pages to find your new messages.  I go thru every few days and delete messages that are old haven't gotten responses in awhile.  You do this by checking the box next to the message you want to delete and opening the Email Subscriptions Options drop down box and clicking the Delete Selected option.

Hope this helps and wasn't confusing!

Re: Comment Alert

Just to clarify, everyone that commented here is receiving emails about new comments right?  At first I posted an answer about how to sign up for email notifications, then I realized that maybe I misunderstood and so I deleted that part and just left how to delete subscriptions.  Now I'm confused...

Re: Comment Alert

How do you unsubscribe to the notifications you receive in your hotmail/gmail etc once somone has posted a reply to your question? I am getting way too many emails in one day that people have replied to my post and I want to stop those emials now. how do I do that???

Re: Comment Alert

When you are signed in, go into My Settings and from there:


Click on Subscriptions and Bookmarks

Click Email Subscriptions

Check the box next to the question you no longer want to recieve updates on

Click on the Email Subscription Options dropdown

Select Delete Selected Subscriptions and then confirm your selection


I do this every few days so I only receive updates on my newest posts.



Re: Comment Alert

omg...i totally agree!!!

Re: Comment Alert

Great suggestion! Agree.

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